10 incredibly unbelievable facts about JJ Lin that make you proud that he’s a S’porean


Last Updated on 2017-05-27 , 4:42 pm

Recently, JJ Lin got into the spotlight after giving a busker a surprise by singing with him. It has gone wildly viral, and if JJ Lin isn’t popular enough, that has made him a lot more popular. Many of us would know that JJ Lin is a Singaporean, but do you know that he has never once dyed his hair?

For a celebrity in which image plays a key role in success or failure, it’s almost unheard of. Here’re more interesting facts about JJ Lin that will make you proud that you and him are born in the same country!

He’s the tourist ambassador for Singapore
If the term is too chim for you, he’s basically the face for tourists in other countries, so that they’ll visit Singapore. Usually, Singaporeans with a great outreach would be appointed as one, with Stephanie Sun and Tanya Chua being a few of them.

He doesn’t like to show his forehead
Or to be more specific, he’s insecure of his forehead. That’s why he always has a fringe to cover it or wears a cap—since the beginning of his career.

He’s an actor, too
Well, not really as the protagonist, but a supporting actor instead. Together with Ella from SHE, he acted in the romance comedy花樣少年少女 in 2006.

Remember记得? It was written because…
…he was inspired by his ex-girlfriend who then dreamt of a love triangle. Surprising that a dream could inspire an award-winning song, eh?


He is a Guinness World Record breaker
In 2007, he autographed a total of 3,052 CDs in 2 hours and 30 minutes. He did it without a rest and on average, signed a CD in 2.7 seconds. I guess nowadays, no such record exists because, what’s a CD yo!?

Other than writing and singing his own songs, he writes songs for other singers too
Aww…some of you might know this, some might not. For those who didn’t, now you know why we call him Singapore’s Jay Chou.

He seems to have never dyed his hair
While we can’t validate this fact, it has been mentioned by his fans that they’ve never seen him in a hair colour other than black. If that is true, and it sure is something fascinating. Even I’ve dyed my hair before.

He seldom gets any bad press
Have you heard of any negative stories about him? Well, in a country like Taiwan when paparazzi would create a story just when you do absolutely nothing, it’s indeed commendable that he stays free from bad press!


He has his own lifestyle brand, SMUDGE
Do you notice that he often wears a hoodie or stylish T-shirt? Well, he has his own lifestyle brand, SMUDGE. There’s no retail shop in Singapore, but you can either get his label from Taiwan or simply go online to support him!

He’s a Singaporean
Just to repeat this point, because this is the most important point!

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