10 ingenious ways to keep yourself awake during a boring lecture that you must know


Last Updated on 2016-05-20 , 10:40 am

When we enter the tertiary education, we are always greeted with tons of compulsory lectures that are slotted into our curriculum. We are all human, and we all have moments where we fight to stay awake during these boring classes but have failed to do so. If you fall into that category,  here are 10 ingenious ways to keep yourself awake during a boring lecture that you must know!

Whether if its just lifting up your legs a little or picking up the pen to doddle on your lecture notes, these are ways which you can stay “active” to help keep you awake with the added adrenaline.

Sweet Drink / Caffeinated Drink
Drinks are refreshing and also an an affordable pick-me-up. If there is a lessons which you will never fail to fall asleep in, try to purchase a sweet or caffeinated drink before class. Whenever you feel sleepy, you can take a few sips to try and stay awake. If all else fails, you can also choose to pour over yourself. Just kidding.

Look out for questions that the lecturer is asking or anything that you might be unsure of and ask. This way, it helps you stay focused during the lecture and even helps you stay awake.

Go to the restroom
Once you start walking and moving around, you’ll feel much better.

Play a game
Try to spot if your lecturer has a favourite pet phrase, or count how many times she adjusts her fringe. You might even find something comical to share with your friends!


Eat a sweet
Not just any other sweet. If you are those who are prone to always fall asleep during lecture, you can always count on a pack of Warheads or Super Lemon to keep you awake.

Snap a hair tie
As horrid as this sounds, it almost always works. Tie a hair tie around your wrist and any time you feel like sleeping, pull it out and snap it back. This way, the pain can help keep you awake.

Scroll through social media
Please do it with discretion and precision to avoid getting caught. And no, we are not asking you to do this through the whole course of lecture, but maybe for 1-2 minutes for new and interesting information to keep you awake.

Sit at the front
The more you sit in the front, the more you will feel like the lecturer is talking directly to you. You will also naturally become more focused!

Talk to a friend
When all else fails, try to strike a short conversation with your friend about the subject so that they can distract you from your sleepiness. But do try to keep the conversation short!

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