10 Innovative Household Items Every Family Needs To Make Life Simpler

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It is amazing how traditional household items have been developed to become more efficient for everyday use. With the help of these innovative tools, you can take a modern spin on the way housework should be done! Wonder how it can transform the way you do housework? Check out our list of innovative household equipment that you should have around your home! Use ShopBack and receive 2% Cashback when you shop for these designs on Go Shop!

Midea Induction Cooker [RM199]

Midea Induction Cooker Modern Food Kitchen

The Midea Induction Cooker is compact and cooks faster and more evenly than the traditional gas stove. Not to mention, maintaining its cleanliness requires much less effort than a traditional gas stove. If you love steamboat, the Midea Induction cooker is also portable and hence, convenient for the occasional steamboat parties with family and friends.


Philips Air Fryer 9220 [RM 899]

Philips Air Fryer French Fries White Kitchen

The Philips Air Fryer 9220 aims to be the healthier replacement for the traditional deep fryer that is unhealthy and results in unnecessary oil wastage. With Rapid Air Technology, air fryers can deliver crispy “fried” food that is healthy yet, just as tasty.


Philips High End Steamer HD9140/91 [RM 505]

Philips High End Steamer Soup Vegetable Salmon Meat Cooker Kitchen

The Philips High End Steamer HD9140/91 makes it incredibly easy and efficient, to prepare more than one dish at a time. You can even preset a timer for each tier so that you will be alerted when each dish is done!


Kochen Double Sided Pan [RM 179]

Kochen Double Sided Pan Red With Handle Stainless Steel

If you ever had difficulty flipping your food over during cooking, the Kochen Double Sided Pan will help you to do that with incredible ease. Simply close the pan and flip it over! The lid also means that it also cook your food faster than the ordinary pan.


Magic Bullet Multi-purpose Blender (24pcs) [RM 138]

Magic Bullet Multi-purpose Blender Chop and Dice Cups All-in-One

The Magic Bullet Multi-purpose Blender really is an all-in-one blender. The interchangeable parts mean that you can use the blender for several purposes, whether you’re cooking a stew or just making a drink. It can not only chop and dice garlic, but it can also blend your favorite smoothie for a healthy and refreshing morning pick-me-up.

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EZ Jet Water Cannon [RM 35]

EZ Jet Water Cannon 8-in-1 Blue Detergent Hose Spray

This lightweight accessory makes it remarkably easy to adjust the intensity of the water flow or even add detergent to your hose. It is a great addition to your usual hose that will make menial tasks like the washing of your car, an absolute breeze! The best part is that the EZ Jet Water Cannon can be easily disassembled for easy cleaning.


2-in-1 Foot Pedal and Handpress Spin Mop Set [RM 80]

2-in-1 Foot Pedal and Handpress Spin Mop Set Green Bucket

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Don’t you just hate getting your hands dirty when you wring a mop dry?  With the 2-in-1 Foot Pedal and Handpress Spin Mop Set, you can dry the mop, more quickly and more effectively, using just the power of your foot!



Steam Q Iron [RM 199]

Steamer Iron 2-in-1 Pink and White Multi-Purpose Home Use Household Chores

By combining the steamer and the traditional iron, the Steam Q Iron gives you 2 functions for the price of one. Besides, it is also handheld and more portable than the traditional steamer, making it very convenient for ironing all your different items at one go.


Clothes Folder Set [RM 35]

Clothes Folder Set Blue and Yellow with Holes

Folding clothes can be quite a hassle; with a tool like the Clothes Folder Set, your clothes will be folded uniformly and hassle-free every time!


These modern pieces of equipment are designed to make it easier to manage your home. Not only are they are easy to use, they are also easy to clean and maintain — the dream for any household makers. Spend more time relaxing at home and doing what you love! Change the way you do your housework today! Get these life-changing items from Go Shop with the latest Go Shop coupon, and earn 2% cashback through shopback!

All product images are from goshop.com.my

All prices are accurate as of 2 June 2016.

Featured Image: Shutterstock/ Kzenon

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