10 Intelligent Facts about Lee Kwang-Soo That Shows You Are Dumber Than Him

If you’re a fan of Running Man, one iconic character on the show would be the giraffe or Lee Kwang-Soo.

His tall, lanky and awkward frame often resulted in hilarious and comedic moments throughout the variety show, and he is incredibly popular, especially in Asia.

The character he portrayed on the show is awkward, clumsy and dumb, but in real life, he is actually more than what we see on the screen.

Check out these 10 intelligent facts about Lee Kwang-Soo that shows that most of us might just be dumber than him.

Lee Kwang-Soo served the army before making his debut

Lee Kwang-Soo is one of the rare few to make his debut after serving the army, which is pretty smart of him when you hear about the legend of stars losing their popularity after serving their military duty and never getting popular again thereafter.

He has a big mole in his right brow

According to folklore, people who have a big mole in their right brow are said to be extremely intelligent people.

He is known for working well with people and everyone likes him

He has come a long way from being a “boss” in his school days, and cultivated a habit that lets people in the industry like working with him, juniors and seniors included.

He has a degree

If you’ve seen him on Running Man, you’d have thought he’s dumb. But he actually studied in Dong-ah Broadcasting college and holds a degree, and not just any degree, but a degree in journalism. Yeah, for all you know, if not for Running Man, he could be working for Goody Feed #justsaying

He’s on Running Man

Of course, everyone knows he’s on Running Man, but to be on Running Man requires the cast to think fast, be quick-witted and have the ability to be spontaneous and overdramatize. If that doesn’t speak for his intelligence, what will?

He won a lot of awards since his debut in 2008

Best Newcomer at SBS Entertainment Awards in 2011, Best New Actor at 48th Baeksang Arts Awards, Best Supporting Actor at 2012 KBS Drama Awards and Popular Star Award at 3rd APAN Star Awards. Not bad for a person who only debuts in 2008, right?

He’s the icon of betrayal

Whenever he betrays someone, you’d be focused on his ethics, but to achieve the success rate he has in betraying (he is, after all, the number 1 betrayer in the show), you’d need to be smart as well. Well, that and you probably need incredible acting skills as well.

He’s humble

He might be popular and has a fan base both in Korea and overseas, especially in Asia, but he remains witty and humble, always making deprecating remarks about himself in interviews.

He has an amazing sense of comedic timing

He’s a newbie to variety shows, and Running Man is his first one, but he’s managed to carve out a niche for himself successfully, even though he has no experience. He was so funny that Yoo Jae-Suk often says that the “God of Variety” is looking out for him.

He picked a different route for his career

Where most boys his age wants to be known for good looks and being extremely charming, he decided to go a different route: being relatable and hilarious. After all, with less competition means more chances to shine for him, after all.

In an interview, he revealed that he’s actually someone who likes to do the right thing, with co-star Song Ji-Hyo confirming it.

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