10 lifesaving things to do when your girlfriend/wife is angry for no reason


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As guys with female partners, I’m sure we have all encountered times when we are faced with the most mysterious question that existed in history- why our girlfriend or wife is in a bad mood. I’m not even particularly referring to the PMS period (pun intended), but what I’m talking about is the occasionally (or possibly frequent) ice cold or hairdryer treatment she gives you due to some mistake that you didn’t know you committed. We all know that sometimes it’s not even our fault and they don’t deserve the effort from us to cheer them up, but ultimately, as guys, we just have to do what we need to do. Here are some of the lifesaving tips that fellow guys can adopt when you encounter the dreaded situation.

1. Agree with whatever she says
This is a very high level stunt to perform, because it requires a very professional standard of acting. What you need to be aware of is that since she is in a bad mood, there is no point arguing with her. So, whatever points she makes, you just have to agree, and do it in a convincing way, because if she ever sees you agreeing without conviction, her mood is going to just get worse. If there’s any counter arguments that you would like to raise, do so on another occasion when her mood is better.

2. Bring her to eat her comfort food or drink her comfort drink
It could be a Starbucks Frap, or it could be a piping hot bowl of bak kut teh, or even just a small little snack like strawberry Pocky. Whatever food or drink you know can cheer her up, make sure she consumes it when she is feeling down. They always say the way to a men’s heart is his stomach, but I guess it works the same way for women as well.

3. Give her a tight hug that will squeeze the air out of her
The effects of a hug are scientifically proven. A hug would result in the production of oxytocin, also called the “love drug”, which would cause better physical and emotional health. Imagine the effects the love drug could bring when you give your partner a tight bear hug. All her stress and unhappiness would be gone in an instant, and she will be addicted to your hugs from then on.

4. Listen to her grievances and reassure her
There has to be a reason for everything, and if she is in a bad mood, be sure to offer your listening ears. Treat everything she says with utmost importance, and do not brush her off by saying that her complains are small things. Listen to her with full attention and offer her reassuring advice, so that at least she knows that you are there for her.

5. Give her small little surprises
It does not have to be anything extravagant like getting a diamond for her everytime she is in a bad mood. What she would love to have are small little surprises, preferably hand-made, that would brighten her day up no matter how she is feeling. Good examples of these would be cards with personalized messages, or cookies which you baked yourself. Small little acts of making her feel happy goes a long way in relationships.


6. Give her a massage
A massage can offer a therapeutic effect to help your partner forget all her worries and soothes her bad mood, and it can also help your partner to relax her tensed muscles. Other than that, giving your partner a massage can also increase the physical intimacy between you two, which would definitely help you to strengthen the couple bond as well.

7. Volunteer and help with household chores
Ok, I admit this is probably one of the hardest to do, but helping her with her household chores would surely make her happy, especially if you are someone who doesn’t help at all usually. Let her take a bit of time to rest while you slog it out, and who knows, maybe after you’re done with it, her mood gets better and she might just give you a massage.

8. Tell her jokes
The oldest trick in the book, but always as effective as ever. Make sure you constantly have a few jokes up your sleeves to use in times of emergencies. It does not matter whether your jokes are really funny, or really lame and cold, whenever she sees you making the effort to cheer her up, the effect will already be there, and it would not be long before she starts flashing you the smile you always love.

9. Plug in your earphones for her and play some relaxing love songs
Sometimes, what your partner really needs is some quiet time. Plug in the earphones for her and play her some soothing songs to calm her down. Not only is this a romantic gesture, but also it also spares you from the chance to have to bicker with her.


10. Pick her up from work
When you know that she is having a bad day at work, one simple thing you could do is to appear at her workplace when she is knocking off. Two things could happen- she could be so happy to see you that she would forget her worries at work, or she could unload all her frustrations and grievances on you, which would result in you needing to try using some tips from point 1 to point 9.

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