10 Little actions guys do that melt girls’ heart

Guys, just a quick question. Do you need to spend a lot in order to melt your girl’s heart?

Do you think you need to splurge on a bouquet of roses or some expensive branded bag to make her smile?

If you think you do, you’re never more wrong.

Here are 10 little heartwarming actions you can do in order to melt a girl’s heart.

Make your way to wait for her to get off work or school
This small gesture works especially if her workplace or school is far away from yours. When you do this, you’re saying I don’t want to wait a single minute more before I can see you.

Listen to her rants
When I say listen, I mean really listen instead of giving mmm *nod* ahhh *nod* answers and zone out. This shows that you truly care about her day and her problems and that you will be completely willing to listen to her whenever she needs a listening ear.

Always take her side in front of others
No matter whether she’s right or wrong, show her that in front of others, you’ll always put her first. It’s only when it’s the two of you then you tell her what you really think reasonably and tactfully.

Make your way to her immediately if she’s crying
So she called you and you realised she sounds quite down. Pretty soon, she started to cry. Instead of attempting to comfort her over the phone, go to her immediately. When she’s calmed down, she’d realise that like a prince from the fairy tales, you’re there to rescue her when she needs you most. 

Be willing to make a fool out of yourself
If she wants to dance in the rain, go ahead and if she wants you to wear some horrendous clothes out, just do it. Going down on one knee to help her tie her shoe laces? Sure, just give me a moment. She’ll get what you’re saying: it’s okay, the whole world doesn’t matter, only YOU matter.

Send her home even if it’s troublesome for you
Or I should say, especially if it’s troublesome for you. It’ll get the message across that even though you’d have to go through a large detour and get home later, these will all be worth it as long as she gets home safe and sound.

Send a text or call to make sure she’s home safe
So you might not be able to send her home, but at least call or text her to check if she got home safely. Not only does this show that you care for her, it also shows that even after going separate ways, she’s still on your mind.

Tell white lies
This is an iffy subject because if girls find out that you’re lying to them, chances are the heat’s going to turn up even more than Mt Fuji’s eruption. But if they found out that you’re lying simply because you felt it’ll make them feel better about themselves, then your status will be a sweet awesome liar instead of a horrible deceitful liar.

An example of a white lie could be you lying about her cooking skills which are, more often than not, quite bad.

Do handmade gifts
If her birthday’s coming up, bake a cake for her instead of buying straight from the shop. Draw a birthday card instead of getting one from popular or Artbox. Even if the cake or card sucks, it shows the amount of thoughts and effort that you’ve put in for her birthday. It’s the thought that counts anyway.

Effort, effort and effort.
Okay, we’ve given nine examples up top. Now, allow us to let you in on a secret to melting a girl’s heart. The trick is to put in effort, effort and more effort to make the girl happy. As long as you keep this in mind, she’d definitely melt in front of your every action.

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