Who’s Huang Yiliang? Here Are 10 Facts About The Hidden Ah Ge in MediaCorp

Who is Huang Yiliang?

You may or may not have heard of this actor, producer, and director, but you’ve definitely seen him on TV.

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Huang Yiliang or Huang Yi Liang is an actor at Mediacorp, and he later moved on to form his own company. Without further ado, here are some of the interesting things about this hidden Ah Ge you’ve often seen on TV and movies!


He won the Best Supporting Actor Star Awards three times in 20 years of working at Mediacorp. He was also nominated for Best Comedy Performer twice and Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes. His first production had been submitted for the Golden Horse Awards. Now, this is why we call him an Ah Ge!


In his own movie production company, Red Group Film, he was the film-director, movie producer and actor. Bet you didn’t know he has his own company, eh?


Huang Yiliang’s first production in Red Group Film kind of failed, being originally made as a movie but eventually became a DVD-release after being rejected by 3 local movie distributors.

Overwhelming Support

Over 300 girls attended his audition to find the leading actress for Autumn in March, his first production. It was held in Singapore.

Second Attempt

His second production, My Ghost Partner, would become a movie. However, it faced competition with Imperfect, which had a bigger budget, famous young stars, and was being released at around the same time. He remained optimistic about it, though.

Fined $3,000

He assaulted a woman in Toa Payoh because she failed to clean up after her dog. Huang was upset at the woman’s actions, and an argument ensued. Videos and photos were taken by each other, with the woman standing in front of Huang’s car so he can’t leave. He finally got out of his car to push her down and forcefully hold her there. This issue was taken to court where he was fined $3,000.


He was married to Lin Meijiao for 3 years before they divorced in 1997. Lin Mei Jiao is a Singaporean actress who won the Best Supporting Actress at the 1995 Shanghai International Film Festival for her role in the drama serial Silk of Love.

Their daughter was left with Lin. One of his Star Awards was dedicated to his ex-wife, where he had performed an awesome rant about the divorce. Huang later remarried and has a son with his second wife.


He is a tough and temperamental person, as evident from not being afraid (or maybe not realising it) of losing his reputation when he assaulted the woman. He is also quite impulsive, not pausing to consider the laws or the implications of his actions.


Huang Yiliang says that a person cannot call him or herself a director until they have directed at least three movies. He was not concerned about My Ghost Partner, because he believes that in showbiz, whatever you do you must be prepared to face criticism. Tough man, indeed.


Huang Yiliang was not worried about the outcome of My Ghost Partner and its competition, and submitted it for Golden Horse Awards not to win, but to get a ticket to watch the ceremony. He also believes that the people in Singapore will let go of his assault on the woman in time, so his reputation won’t remain bad for too long.

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