10 Little Known Facts About Jianhao Tan That Haters Refuse To Accept

If you’re internet savvy, you’d most probably have heard of this name Jianhao Tan, who made waves recently on the online world when he and his girlfriend Naomi, another well-known YouTube personality and blogger, broke up.

When you’re famous, you’d get people from both end of the spectrums, those who like you, and those who don’t. In his YouTube videos, he likes to make “silly and retarded” videos, aiming to connect with his viewers and make fun of pop culture, but he’s much more than what he portrays himself to be on YouTube.

Here’s 10 little known facts about Jianhao Tan that his haters will rather die than to accept.

The real reason why #NaoHao no longer exists

Okay, you’d have thought that with his success, he has no problem getting a girlfriend, and seems to be more of a playboy than he really is. The real story goes that he chased after Naomi for 6 months and persisted even after getting rejected thrice. When she “cheated” on him by seeing another man, he forgave her. It was only when the man contacted her during a rocky stage in their relationship when they officially broke up.

Tan Jianhao’s humble, down-to-earth and mature

On YouTube, he’s brash, obnoxious and outspoken, and while that has attracted plenty of followers, it has attracted plenty of haters as well. Ryan Tan from Night Owl Cinematics (NOC), another popular local YouTube channel, has taught him a lot in terms of cinematography and production of videos, and Ryan commented that he (Jianhao Tan) is humble and mature off-screen.

He’s able to take advice from others

You would’ve thought that at the age of 21 years old and living the dream, he would be egoistic and arrogant. Well, according to Ryan Tan, he’s the exact opposite, able to put aside his ego and learn to take constructive criticism from others.

He works hard for what he has

If you thought that his success came about from making videos in the comfort of his own room, then you’d have thought wrong. He comes up with the concept, the writing of script, the casting and of course, at the end of the day, the editing of the video before uploading it onto YouTube. That means plenty of late suppers, lack of sleep and extremely late brainstorming and editing sessions.

Tan Jian Hao has his own company, TheJianHaoTan

I’m sure plenty have thought that he’d be happy enough with his YouTube channel, but he’s not. He has opened his own company, a production studio called TheJianHaoTan.

He has ambitions

No, he’s just not satisfied with having a company. He wants to grow it as well, to make it bigger, and to get a bigger office and studio.

Jianhao Tan net worth? He makes a low 6-figure annual income

You’re probably wondering: “Is Jianhao Tan Rich?” I’m pretty sure most people thought that he got by because he comes from a rich background, but you’d be surprised that he’s actually making money, raking in a low six-figure amount in a year.

Jianhao Tan rented a condominium for his studio

Instead of renting an office to function as a studio for his company, he decided to go for a condominium, which is much more expensive than renting an office.

He’s frank and honest about himself

In an interview, he admitted that he splurges quite a bit, and proceeded to ask if there’s anything wrong with that. He said that he loves money (who doesn’t?) and has a high maintenance lifestyle.

He’s popular

If you ever need proof of his popularity in Singapore, he was cast as the male lead in Lingo Lingo, Where You Go, a short film on Singlish produced by Jack Neo. In fact, he was also selected for the role because his life story resembles the storyline, where he studied overseas for most of his life and couldn’t understand the local slang when he got back to Singapore.

Jianhao Tan’s a father

Most of you have probably googled “Jianhao Tan Age” and were surprised to know that he’s only 26. But in spite of that, he’s already a father! His wife Debbie Soon gave birth to their daughter Starley Tan on 19 Sep 2019 and she already has 127,000 followers.

Jianhao Tan’s Height

Many have claimed that Jianhao Tan is short, but according to Wiki fame, he’s actually 172cm! So, if you’re jealous of his success and want to put him down, you’re going to have to look elsewhere!

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