10 Little-Known Facts About Naomi Neo That Makes You Love Or Hate Her


Naomi Neo is 19 years old, yet no one can deny that she’s a powerful influence on the social media bloc, able to make powerful waves online no matter what she does.

Here are 10 little-known facts about Naomi Neo that makes you either love her, or just flat out hate on her.

She hires her own security guards

When Jian Hao Tan and Naomi Neo were at J. Avenue’s opening, they had Cisco guards around to protect them. Imagine needing that at 18 years old.

She has been making videos for quite a while

She’s more well-known for her blogging, and you would have thought that she’s only started to make more YouTube videos recently because she and Jian Hao Tan hooked up together, but that’s where you’re wrong. She’s been making videos since she was 16.

She earns more than fresh grads

For people who thought bloggers are people who are living in a fantasy world, think again. She’s earning more than the average fresh grad, and word is, she earns up to $45,000 a year in sponsorships.

She loves her father, a lot

Just look at her Instagram and you’d know what we mean.

She’s the ambassador of Sunsilk

Big name, Sunsilk. She’s one of the four Singaporean bloggers chosen to be an ambassador of Sunsilk.

She’s not afraid to speak out

Here’s a trick to get hot in Singapore’s social media, be controversial, and she’s one of the top few girls who’s willing to come out and talk about tattoos, sex, and virginity. The most memorable statement she made was, “It’s just boobs.” Reminds you of Miley Cyrus, doesn’t she?


She’s spontaneous and well, crazy

Ice bucket challenge to her isn’t about ice only, it includes ice-cream and other stuff as well. That’s not crazy enough? See her feeding Dee Kosh soil.

She’s pretty artsy

She created her own blog skin.

She has her own line of merchandise

Get this, at 18 years old, she’s working together with her designer to come up with T-Shirts, Tank Tops and many more products.

She is completely willing to admit her mistakes

And that would be her blog post on her break up with Jian Hao Tan. She admitted to seeing someone else during the relationship, and admitted that she has made mistakes.


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