10 most haunted places in S’pore that we dare you to visit at night

It doesn’t matter whether you reside in Singapore or are a daredevil from overseas—if you really want to proclaim yourself as a brave person, you need to have been to all these ten places at night. Or even spend one night there.

Bedok HDB
Known as one of the most haunted estates ever, this is the story that everyone has been talking about (which is based on real events): This Bedok ghost story based on real events will send chills down your spine

Bukit Brown Cemetery
Of all cemeteries, many have believed that this could be one of the spookiest, with sightings of pontianaks hiding behind trees and weird, loud laughter coming from nowhere. However, since this would be part of history, you won’t be able to explore it anymore.

Changi Beach
Singapore is a small country, but one of our beaches has been listed as one of the most haunted places in the world. Don’t believe? Check this out: This place in S’pore got into Top 10 World’s Most Haunted Places

East Coast Beach Yellow Tower
About fifteen years old, a woman was stabbed to death here. Ever since then, there have been sightings of a shadowy female figure at night, sometimes even screams of a woman. It might be popular during the day, but it sure is spooky at night.

Haw Par Villa
The visiting hours do not allow people to visit it at night, but when night falls, it might have been one of the most haunted places in Singapore. Just check out why here: This Scary Story of Haw Par Villa Will Make You Think Twice About Going There

Neo Tiew Estate
Okay, granted that it is now not accessible to the public as it has been converted an area for the SAF to conduct FIBUA training, there’s a legend that a long time ago, someone once prayed for 4D number there by sticking needles into a tree. After he won, he did not remove the needles, and therefore the area has been haunted by the tree spirits.

Old Changi Hospital
While it’s no longer there for daredevils to visit, any ghost-hunter would have been there before. It’s the number one spot for most then, with literally tens of people waiting outside the building at night to wait for their friends to complete their exploration of the hospital.

Pulau Tekong
Need we say more? Maybe you should read these four stories instead: 4 most popular and scariest ghost stories about Pulau Tekong

Tanglin Hill Brunei Hostel
An abandoned building up till today, it used to house students from Brunei but has since been left vacant. Getting in might be a little trick—but the courage to explore it is even more difficult to muster.

The human chessboard
In the heart of St John’s Island, you’ll see an innocent-looking large chessboard. According to urban legends, during the Japanese occupation, the Japanese used this place to house the prisoners-of-war and used the chessboard to play real-life chess—whereby anyone who is “eaten” will be beheaded. Well, that explain the cries you’ll hear when you’re there at night…

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