Lettuce Pronunciation: 10 Most Mispronounced Food Names In Singapore


Last Updated on 2022-12-15 , 2:53 pm

What’s the correct lettuce pronunciation ah?


Singaporeans are a food-obsessed bunch and it is little wonder that we are willing to travel far and wide in search of the best food in the country. But we don’t have the best track record when it comes to pronunciation.

There are many different types of cuisine available in the multi-racial Singapore but sometimes it gets embarrassing when we order some exotic dish and the server goes “huh?” and corrects your pronunciation. Like using the wrong lettuce pronunciation in Subway.

The staff is probably going to talk about you for days.

Well, fret not: here’s a concise guide that will come in handy.



Wrong: foh

Correct: fuh This Vietnamese dish isn’t pronounced the same way as it is spelt.

Llao Llao

Wrong: lao-lao

Correct: yao-yao

Llao Llao is from Spain and the pronunciation is as Spanish as it gets.


Wrong: sell-mun

Correct: seh-mun

A common dish but the pronunciation gets butchered so often that it is sad.

Foie Gras

Wrong: foy-grass

Correct: fwa-gra

Don’t let the pronunciation stop you from ordering this delicious dish for dinner.


Wrong: let-tyoos

Correct: let-tis

Now you know what to say when you are at Subway.



Wrong: ex-press-so

Correct: es-press-so

There is no ‘x’ in espresso, people!


Wrong: chi-pot-terl

Correct: chip-oat-lay

Chipotle is a major ingredient in many Mexican dishes and if it is this important, you’d better get it right.



Wrong: wa-sah-bey Correct:

Correct: wa-sa-bee Pronouncing it

Pronouncing it wa-sah-bey will not make you sound more atas.


Wrong: la-sug-nah

Correct: luh-zahg-nya


Yes, it is that layered pasta in tomato sauce that we want.


Wrong: spee-nak

Correct: spee-naych

Imagine Popeye the Sailor Man pronouncing it as spee-nak.

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