10 most underrated Instagram influencers you should watch out for this coming 2016

Blogging is no longer a necessity – some of these influencers might just have the most beautiful instagram accounts (and appearances) that we have noticed! The bigger names in the world of social-media include Andrea Chong, Naomi Neo and Xiaxue, who have more than 200k followers on Instagram. These influencers all have less than half that number, but have no less potential!

Daryl Aiden
The only male influencer on this list, he is one of the few budding male models in Singapore with much potential.

Brenda Ng

Ding Xuan
https://www.instagram.com/twiggtwiggz/twiggWith 34.3k followers, she has an account filled with both personal life photos and beautiful flatlays.

Eugena Bey

Amanda Wong
https://www.instagram.com/beautifuladieu/beautifuladieuA budding photographer who has a stunning portfolio on instagram, she is also an influencer who hangs out with the likes of Melissa Koh and Andrea Chong.

Liah Yoo

Che Shi Jia
chesijiaShe started out as a model in around 2012 and has since been capturing hearts with her sweet smile.

Valerie Wang

Ho Sin
https://www.instagram.com/hosin/hosinShe models for Ohsofickle, a popular Singapore blogshop. The sweet-looking girl might have a comparatively small number (5k) of followers but we believe she is going places!

Rebecca Ten