10 perfect ways to adjust your underwear in public without people judging


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 4:22 pm

“You mean when my ass gets hungry and decides to eat my underwear?” Yea, that’s right, don’t deny it. We are all guilty of adjusting that wedgie like discomfort because our underwear likes to create problems. Read on to get 10 ideas on how to adjust your underwear in public without people judging or if you coincidentally need to adjust your underwear NOW.

Rub your ass against the wall
It’s probably hard to imagine this. But you can totally try it out. Rubbing your ass against the wall may be way glamorous than shoving your hand in your ass to adjust it after all. To prevent suspicious looks on you, do not rub your ass violently. Simply rub your ass gently against the wall as long as it is adjusted. Done.

Pretend to do some stretching
Act like you had a muscle cramp and you need to do some stretching. Stretch with one arm over your head and the other at your hip area. Now slowly move that hip hand back to your ass and grab your underwear quickly. Note: you need some agility in this idea to be successful.

Place your bag on your lap
This can be used if you wish to adjust the front of your underwear instead of the back. For this you need to get down in a sitting position. Place your bag on your lap. You are now free to adjust since your bag is protecting you. Thank your bag.

Place your hands in your pocket
Put your hands in your pocket, be it the front or back pocket. You’re welcome.

Cross your legs and act as though adjusting pants
This requires you to be in a sitting position as well. Cross your leg and act like you need to adjust your pants. Now is the chance to adjust your underwear smoothly.


Look for sitting area with something blocking
Find a seat which is blocked by a table, dustbin or pillar. Sit down gracefully and quickly adjust it.

Pretend to drop something and squat down to pick it
Find something that you can drop – nothing expensive. Squat down to pick it back up while adjusting your underwear.

Place your phone in pocket or pretend to take it out
Put your phone in your pocket and use the tip of your phone to pull your underwear. Or you can pretend to take your phone out from your pocket while adjusting that underwear. But be very careful. You wouldn’t want to do it so vigorously that you tear your pockets.

Do it when you see someone doing it
Who are they to judge you anyway? They just adjusted their underwear in public.

Don’t do it at all
Just to be safe right? You can live with that distress. For a while.

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