10 physical traits of guys that attract S’porean girls

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They say it’s what inside that counts the most, but you have to admit that appearances play a part too. That said, these physical traits are only the tip of the iceberg and from a personal point of view. But honestly speaking, some of them are almost-universally acknowledged! Read on to find out if other Singaporean girls share your aesthetics standards!

Nicely-arranged set of teeth
You don’t need perfect Colgate teeth but it’s best if your teeth aren’t all yellow and crooked. Clean teeth also shows that you groom yourself adequately.

Bright and nice smile
Having nice teeth is just part of a smile. Girls like guys who smile often. Of course, there are some who go for the moody and melancholic type, but a nice smile can really brighten up someone’s day and show your personality.

Facial scars and body scars (no, we don’t mean those vaccine scars please) are just so damn attractive for some reason. Maybe it’s the prehistoric woman in us, but scars just scream protective and sexy.

Broad shoulders
Simply put, strong shoulders makes us girls feel extremely protected and secured. Bony and narrow shoulders just don’t seem that appealing. Sorry guys.

Soulful Eyes/Long Eyelashes
Eyes are the window to the soul and no girl will deny this. A guy with soulful eyes seems like he bared his soul to us girls and make him look so attractive. Some guys also have long eyelashes, which makes us both jealous (how dare you?) and drawn to them at the same time.

Let’s face it – height is one of the things that most Singaporean guys are lacking in. The average guy is only about 171cm, so if you are above that, well done, you’re attractive. If not, please embrace your height and don’t put on shoe lifts – you’re gonna get busted sooner or later.

Thick eyebrows
One thing that really highlights your facial features are your brows, whether you are a man or woman. As women, we tend to groom our eyebrows regularly so we definitely notice men’s eyebrows as well. Thick eyebrows can complement a square jawline and define your face.

Facial hair
Not just a moustache or goatee – those are outdated and frankly, slightly creepy. A healthy dose of facial hair gives an unshaved face a more rugged and manly look, something that girls like once in a while. It also depends on facial features, so it’s quite subjective.

Deep voice
Having deep vocals gives a woman a sense of a security, as if everything is going to be alright. Plus, you get bonus points if you can sing well in that deep crooning voice of yours.

Flat stomach
According to our in-house writer, having a flat stomach is frankly impossible for most of the guys out there. When males gain weight, the first place that’s going to put on the bulge is around the stomach area, so if you can’t get a flat stomach, don’ worry we totally get you, go for minimal bulge that’s easily hidden by your clothes instead.

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