10 places that S’pore boyfriends really dislike travelling to with their girlfriends

A couple travelling together always sounds exciting and romantic, but who understands the pain beneath the glamorous Instagram photos of couples overseas?

Read on for our 10 places Singaporean boyfriends generally dislike travelling to with their girlfriends!

Just a disclaimer: there’s no need to take this article seriously. If you do, maybe you should go for a run now instead of continuing. #justsaying


Image: nerdnomads.com

No doubt, Bangkok is one of the top choices for ‘hated’ countries that guys don’t wish to go with their girlfriends. Shopping, cafe hopping, shopping. The list goes on but it generally only comprises of shopping. No, boys don’t really hate shopping, they just hate the waiting.


Maya Bay, Koh Phi Phi Ley, Thailand.
Image: andamanferryservice.com

While there’s not much shopping to be done in Phuket, guys still dislike going with their girlfriends. Phuket is a marvellous place for its nightlife. Which guy in the right mind would want to go with his girlfriend?


Image: dayaholidays.com

Malaysia may be a fun place for a short getaway or a day trip, especially for couples who have no idea what to do in Singapore but boyfriends get so sick of their girlfriends complaining all the time when at Malaysia. “Babe, there’s a lot of mosquitoes,” “the toilet is so dirty, there’s no toilet paper,” “But it’s so unsafe…” The list never ends.


Image: geminitravel.com.sg

Cheap seafood, cheap hotels, everything’s cheap so what’s wrong? Yea even cigarettes are dirt cheap. That’s when guys decided to turn into a smoking chimney and girlfriends will be pissed off. You don’t want to know how angry she can get.


Image: tripadvisor.com

Bali, the island of Gods. This is where you have the white sandy beaches, clear blue water and the Instagram-worthy scenery. Boys don’t want to go with their girls because they’ll become an unpaid full-time photographer.  


Image: hdtimelapse.net

Korea is known for streets full of hot and pretty girls where guys can ogle until they die. Yes, they’ll rather go with other guy friends and have the time of their lives.  


Image: world-warotter.com

Japan seems like an inviting place for Hello Kitty lovers. Hello Kitty theme park, Hello Kitty hotel, Kitty cafe, Kitty Shops. The guys are already thinking of excuses not to go Japan with their Hello Kitty-fanatic-girlfriend. They really dislike that idea, especially when they could have been checking out the One Piece theme park or the Gundam Statue.


Image: vacationclub.silverpoint.com

Taiwan is also known for their food, nightlife and chio girls. Guys don’t want to miss out any of those. But their girlfriends will just be shopping away and going places where she wants to go.

Hong Kong

Image: wholesaleinvestor.com.sg

The country of delicacies, shopping. And not to mention, Disney Land. Most guys aren’t all that into Disneyland with their girlfriends. Especially not when she’s the one who suggested going there and the one complaining about long queues and hot weather.

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Boracay is famous for the beaches. Of course, beach life comes along with hot bikini babes and a wild party night. Guys won’t be able to hang with those beach babes if their girlfriend decides to go with them.

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