10 Places To Sell Your Old Clothes For Cold, Hard Cash (e.g Cash Converter SG?)

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This season is all about giving, but it is hard to give without getting something first! If you find yourself strapped for cash, try selling your preloved items for some money so that you can get some funds to reward yourself and your loved ones! I still remember the time where I went to Cash Converter SG to sell my stuff when I was a kid. Here are some places you can consider selling your items safely and quickly!


This is quite a popular but new app that works like Carousell. However, if you hate negotiations, you can even fix the prices so that buyers cannot offer $1 for your plasma TV. Shopee also gives out discount codes regularly for customers to save on their purchases, so your stuff might appear more tempting to buyers!


Carousell has been around for a long time and is one of Singapore’s online selling platform. Although buyers can sometimes be annoyingly cheapskate or irresponsible, these are only the minority. If you take good photos and list your items accurately, you might be able to find customers who are willing to pay a good price!


There are weekend flea markets where you can rent a booth for the day and sell your stuff. If you think that you might not be able to make much money, you can share the booth with some friends and sell your stuff together! Offer combination deals to customers to get rid of your items quickly in one day!

Cash Converters SG

Cash Converters SG is one of the more established secondhand shops around. You will be able to find one near your house, so it would be convenient to bring down your stuff for them to have a look!


This reputable platform can even let you reach out to a worldwide audience if you wish. There might be someone in Antarctica who really wants that fur coat you haven’t got the chance to wear, who knows?


It is free to post your listing here and the website also attracts a very targeted audience as most people are here to buy bags. You can post your designer bags for sale on the forum and upload details and pictures. Because it is so targeted at bag-lovers, you will probably be able to find a buyer really soon if yours is in great condition!


The luxury online retailer allows you to consign your old designer items and they will sell them off for you. Of course, they will take a cut of your earnings as a commission but you can’t really complain since they help you to take professional photos and pick up your items at your house.

Gum Tree

Though the listings are slightly messy and scattered, you can still find a way to list your items. If you leave your phone number, buyers can contact you immediately too!


It might be surprising to see a governmental agency here but NEA has a list of companies and people who are willing to buy your stuff! The list is for “Collectors and Traders for Multiple Waste Streams, Electrical Items, Furniture, and Clothing”. It’s really handy to have this list and call up anyone on it to check out their offers!

Karang Guni

Okay, this is probably the last resort since it doesn’t bring much money. Karang Guni uncles can be sometimes quite selective about the items they buy, and they mostly want electronics with metal pieces that can be scrapped. However, you can still try your luck and ask the uncle what he accepts!

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