10 Places You Can Buy Things With Your Ezlink Card

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Everyone in Singapore has an ezlink card, right? I’m sure most of us know that this smart contactless card was first used for our public transports, but it has since evolved from its original purpose.

So you came out with your ezlink card and forgot your wallet? No worries! You can practically survive an entire day out with this card alone, provided you have value inside the card, of course. Here are 10 places you can actually purchase things with your ezlink card so you don’t have to go hungry for the rest of the day.

Burger King

Need to have lunch yet only have your ezlink card with you? Go ahead and enjoy a value meal at Burger King. Imagine this, no cash yet able to eat like a king.

KOI Cafe

Can’t operate at work or in school without your daily cup of KOI Hazelnut Milk Tea? Get your drink at KOI cafe with the use of your ezlink card today!

Pezzo Pizza

Not in the mood for a burger? Get a slice of pizza then. One slice not enough? Get the whole pizza to share with your co-workers. In fact, if you feel uncomfortable without cash, get the whole pizza and pay with your ezlink card and get the money from them in cash.

Carl’s Jr

Craving for a burger but the Burger King portion too small for you? Go for Carl’s Jr then. Their portion is definitely worth paying for.

Okay other than food, what else?


Remember back then, when we had no cash, we were forced to take trains and buses. But today, all upgraded Comfort and CityCab (the newer vehicles on the road), SMRT taxis and premier taxis allow you to pay via ezlink card. In a rush somewhere but without cash or nets? Just pay with your ezlink. Just remember that there’s a convenience levy placed on SMRT, Comfort and CityCab taxis when you pay via ezlink.


It’s pretty welcomed news that 7-Eleven allows you to purchase their items using your ezlink card. Just know that there’s no ez-reload available. Oh, for those who pay their bills with 7-Eleven, sorry but you can only pay your bill with cash. What’s even better, you can do the same at 7-Eleven @ Shell stations.


Similar to 7-Eleven, except you are not able to use ezlink at Cheers outlets located at Esso stations. Good news is they might allow bill payment via ezlink, though I’m not too sure why you’d do that.


Sometimes you’re too sick to really think about drawing money from an ATM, or you might be in too much pain to really care about remembering your pin number. Fret not, you can now use your ezlink card to pay when you go see the doctor. Some clinics include (but not limited to) Healthway Medical Group, C&K Family Clinic, etc.

Cold Storage

Need to buy some groceries on the way home? Pop by Cold Storage and pay for groceries easily with your ezlink card.

Pretty much everywhere.

Check out the full list of participating partners on the ezlink official website. What we’ve listed down here are places we feel people will go often, but trust me when I say that we are barely scraping the tip of the iceberg.

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