10 Punggol Homes And Its Interior Design You Should Not Miss

There is no doubt that the future plans of the budding eco-town attracted interest in Singaporeans who are looking for a home to call their own. From the artsy young couple who want a space that shows off their eclectic tastes to the classy business professionals who prefer a sophisticated home design; take a peek into these tastefully artistic homes that define the pride of Punggol.

1. Treading between the fine line of Scandinavian and minimalism, this house maintained a neutral palette interior with its furnishing, and paired interesting origami animal displays to complement the nature’s tranquility of the Waterway.

Flipside-Design-Punggol-Sumang-Link-Scandinavian-Living-Room Flipside-Design-Punggol-Sumang-Link-Scandinavian-Living-Room-2 Flipside-Design-Punggol-Sumang-Link-Scandinavian-Living-Room-Dining-Foyer Flipside-Design-Punggol-Sumang-Link-Scandinavian-Kitchen Flipside-Design-Punggol-Sumang-Link-Scandinavian-Bedroom Interior Designer: Flipside Design Location: Sumang Link, Punggol Way (HDB) Cost of renovation for entire house: $38,000

2. You’ll never guess that this is a HDB home. Reflecting the homeowners’ tastes for luxury, this home is the epitome of sophisticated living with its use of glossy textures and rich purple and bronze shades. The bedroom especially looks fit for royalty with its lush, romantic vibe. Aiden-T-Punggol-Living-Room Aiden-T-Punggol-Kitchen Aiden-T-Punggol-Dining-Room Aiden-T-Punggol-Entertainment-Music-Room Aiden-T-Punggol-Master-Bedroom Interior Designer: Aiden-T Location: Edgefield Plains (HDB) Cost of renovation for entire house: $60,000

3. Say hello to happy days in this cheerful home with its assortment of different colours and textures. To balance out the smorgasbord of colours and textures, the furniture in the home is arranged in clean, structured lines that give an appearance of spaciousness. The venetian blinds allow sunlight to seep into the room and keep it looking bright and airy. Green-And-Lush-PunggolWalk-Scandinavian-Living-Room Green-And-Lush-PunggolWalk-Scandinavian-Dining Green-And-Lush-PunggolWalk-Scandinavian-Bedroom Green-And-Lush-PunggolWalk-Scandinavian-Kitchen Green-And-Lush-PunggolWalk-Scandinavian-Kitchen-Entrance Interior Designer: Green & Lush Location: Punggol Walk (HDB) Cost of renovation for entire house: $32,000

4. Adhering to a monochrome colour palette with the occasional hint of red, this apartment rocks an old school vibe with its inclusion of an art easel and a chalkboard on which the homeowners have scrawled their favourite things (Spurs, Liverpool!).

The cotton throw draped casually on the sofa contributes to the overall aura of comfort in this home and makes it a place where one can relax. Voila-Punggol-Blk96-Living-Room-1 Voila-Punggol-Blk96-Dining Voila-Punggol-Blk96-Balcony Interior Designer: Voila Location: RiverParc Residence (condo) Cost of renovation for entire house: $24,000 5. The use of wood in this apartment evokes a modern yet heart-warming vibe. By varying the colour and type of wood used in the various rooms, there is visual dimension in the home space and different atmospheres are created as one moves from the living room to the bedroom. Project-File-Punggol-Scandinavian-Living-Room Project-File-Punggol-Scandinavian-Foyer Project-File-Punggol-Scandinavian-Kitchen Project-File-Punggol-Scandinavian-Bedroom Project-File-Punggol-Scandinavian-Study Interior Designer: Project File Location: Punggol Field (HDB) Cost of renovation for entire house: $48,000

6. Adjoining the living room and the kitchen, the centrepiece of this home has got to be the colossal floor-to-ceiling bookshelf which reflects the homeowners’ love for books. To keep the living area from looking too cluttered, mirrors and floor tiles with a reflective sheen create the illusion of space. Boon-Siew-Design-Punggol-Place-Road-Living-Room Boon-Siew-Design-Punggol-Place-Road-Living-Room-1 Boon-Siew-Design-Punggol-Place-Road-Kitchen Boon-Siew-Design-Punggol-Place-Road-Bedroom Boon-Siew-Design-Punggol-Place-Road-Bathroom Interior Designer: Boon Siew Design Location: Punggol Road (HDB) Cost of renovation for entire house: $55,000

7. Here’s what happen when you put together two decor styles that captures the latest trends, and is trending at the moment. This contemporary Scandinavian home in Punggol used dollops of white to perk up the room, and to complement the patterns and bold graphical lines. Fuse-Concept-Scandinavian-Punggol-Living-Room-1 Fuse-Concept-Scandinavian-Punggol-Dining Fuse-Concept-Scandinavian-Punggol-Bar Fuse-Concept-Scandinavian-Punggol-Kitchen Interior Designer: Fuse Concept Location: Punggol Walk (HDB) Cost of renovation for entire house: $50,000 8. Glass and wooden elements work impeccably well together in this home to channel a modern vibe. The study area which is boxed in by see-through glass panels creates a space for work within the comforts of home. As a contrast to this work space, the bedroom evokes a soft, romantic aura as a result of the warm yellow recessed lighting emanating from the bed. Dyel-Design-Punggol-Prive-Living-Room-Study Dyel-Design-Punggol-Prive-Living-Room-Gallery-Wall Dyel-Design-Punggol-Prive-Dining Dyel-Design-Punggol-Prive-Bedroom-Overhanging-Panel Interior Designer: Dyel Design Location: Prive (condo) Cost of renovation for entire house: $30,000

9. Pushing the boundaries of a creative imagination, the interior design of this home takes into account the homeowners’ cats and the result – an eclectic home that is a joy for humans and their furry buddies.

The overall home is characterized by a sense of cheeriness as seen in the pleasing mishmash of colour and furnishings while for the cats, there are features like raised platform and scratching poles for them to seek enjoyment in. The-Association-Punggol-Walk-Cat-House-Wall-Shelves The-Association-Punggol-Walk-Cat-House-Living-Room The-Association-Punggol-Walk-Cat-House-Living-Room-1 The-Association-Punggol-Walk-Cat-House-Dining The-Association-Punggol-Walk-Cat-House-Kitchen The-Association-Punggol-Walk-Cat-House-Bedroom Interior Designer: The Association Location: Punggol Walk (HDB) Cost of renovation for entire house: $45,000

10. This 4-room HDB flat abides by the rules of the Scandinavian theme – loads of sunlight, open spaces and furnishing made of natural materials. The rooms are decorated with furniture in pastel colours and light-coloured wood. FSI-Punggol-Walk-Scandinavian-Living-Room-Dining-Hallway FSI-Punggol-Walk-Scandinavian-Dining FSI-Punggol-Walk-Scandinavian-Kitchen FSI-Punggol-Entertainment-room FSI-Punggol-Study-Room Interior Designer: FSI Location: Punggol Walk (HDB) Cost of renovation for entire house: $56,000

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