10 Questions You Must Ask The Interviewer During The Job Interview For A Better Chance Of Getting Hired

As we all know, an interview mainly compromises of the interviewer asking the interviewee (aka you) a series of questions in order to determine whether or not you are the right candidate for the job. We are often so focused on giving the interviewer the ‘right’ answers that we sometimes forget that we have the right to ask them questions as well.

“What is your ideal candidate for this job?”
This gives a chance to further elaborate on why you are the one who is suitable for the job.

“What have you enjoyed most about working here?”
Any satisfied employee will be able to answer this without much thought. If your interviewer can’t give you a specific answer, maybe this is a company not worth working for.


“Do you offer continuing education and professional training?”
This goes to show that you are interested in working for the company long-term and you are also looking to further improve yourself.

“Who previously held the position?”
With this question, you can find out the reason why the previous employee left the position. If it is not due to retirement or other personal issues, it may ring alarm bells in your head about the prospects or working environment of the company.

“What have past employees done in order to succeed in this position?”
Make the interviewer think that you are keen to learn how to do your best in this position and that you are not just looking for a job simply for the sake of it.

“What are some of the challenges that past employees have faced in this position?”
This will definitely prepare you for the future challenges to come and allows you more time to think of ways to manage crises.


“Can you tell me about the team that I will be working with?”
The way this question is put together makes it sound as though you are certain that you will land the job. It also provides you with more insight as to how the people in your future team will be like and how to better build rapport with them.

“What are the performance expectations of this position over the next few months?”
Asking this question will allow you to prioritise your goals as you work, as well as to create a better first impression on your first day of work.

“I have read up on the company’s newest venture but can you tell me more about…?”
This shows that you have done research about the company and are interested in what other steps that the company will be taking in order to improve itself. Of course, when the company improves itself, its employees may have a career advancement!

“Do you have any hesitations about my qualifications?”
Like many would say, confidence is key. Asking this questions not only shows your confidence regarding your qualifications, it also provides you with a chance to let the interviewer know how will make up for it if he or she points out your shortcomings.