10 quick and simple Makeup tips for alluring eyes all girls must know

Eyes play a crucial part in your overall facial appearance. They are located right in the center of your face. Considered the windows to your soul, people tend to naturally get drawn to your eyes when looking at you. Use these handy eye-beautifying make-up tips to enhance your eyes. Make the most out of the attention your eyes get with a little help from the great products on offer from online cosmetic mega-store, Luxola.

1. Use a primer to make sure your smokey eyes stay smokey

This goes for almost every look you are going for. Apply a base coat of primer on your eyelids before doing your eyeshadow to make sure your eye make-up stays the way it is from the moment you step out of your house until the night ends.

Try this: Luscious Cosmetics Angel Eyes Primer

Luscious Cosmetics Angel Eyes PrimerImage credit | luxola.com

2. Make a statement with bold eyebrows

Bold eyebrows are IN – made famous by celebrities such as Kylie Jenner and Cara Delevigne. If you have sparse eyebrows, use an eyebrow powder coupled with a double ended brush to fill in any gaps. A brush is better than a pencil because it looks so much more natural.

Try this: Joey Healy Luxe Brow Powder Tobacco

Joey Healy Luxe Brow Powder TobaccoImage credit | luxola.com

3. Use white pencil on your waterline

Want to give the impression of large,  more innocent-looking bright eyes? Go get a white or pale coloured pencil! Using a light colour on the waterline of the eyes really opens up the area around your eyes making you look fresher and younger.

Try this: Make Up Forever  Aqua Eyes Waterproof Pencil

Make Up Forever Aqua Eyes Waterproof PenciImage credit | luxola.com

4. Curl those eyelashes

Another easier way to make your eyes pop-up and freshen your face is to curl your eyelashes. Coupled with mascara, this helps pull your eyelids back thus making your double-eyelids deeper, giving the impression of larger eyes. Use a curler and clamp down at the base of your eyelashes and hold it in place for a few seconds for a more natural look.

Try this: 3CE Eyelash Curler

3CE Eyelash CurlerImage credit | luxola.com

5. No disconnect between eyelash and eyeliner

Try not to leave a gap between the eyeliner and your eyelashes as it looks rather unnatural if you’re going for a thicker look for your eyelashes. Use a small brush to fill in any gaps.

Try this: Models Own Chestnut Kohl Eyeliner PencilModels Own Chestnut Kohl Eyeliner Pencil

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Image credit: luxola.com

6. Apply two or more coats of Mascara

If you’re looking to add volume and achieve thicker looking lashes use more than one coat of mascara. This also makes your eyes stand out more and, as aforementioned, deepens your double-eyelid crease.

Try this: Nudestix Mascara – Lash & Grow

Nudestix Mascara - Lash & Grow

Image credit | luxola.com

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7. Subtle is sexy

For a subtly sexy look, you’ll need to have a two-prong approach to eye make-up. Use black eyeliner for your upper-lash line and brown for the bottom one. This adds definition without being too dramatic.

Try this: Sigma Beauty Extended Eye Liner Kit


Sigma Beauty Extended Eye Liner Kit

Image credit | luxola.com

8. Mind the color contrast when going for the smokey-eye look

If you are going for the smokey-eyed look, try not to use colors that are too light or too dark in contrast to your skin tone. Not only does it look unnatural, it will distract all eyes from your face instead of accentuate it. You want to look sexy, not demon-possessed.

Try this: Sleek Makeup i-Divine Storm

Sleek Makeup i-Divine Storm


Image credit | luxola.com

9. Accentuate your deep-set eyes

Make your eyes more deep-set and give your face some definition by using an eyeshadow brush to apply varying dark shades of eyeshadow all over and around your eyelids. Use a darker shade of eyeshadow for the area surrounding your eyelids but a lighter shade on your eyelids for great definition.

Try this: Urban Decay Naked 2

Urban Decay Naked 2

Image credit | luxola.com


10. Keep your brows well-groomed

Eyebrows frame your eyes and adds more definition to the overall shape of your eyes. It is important to keep your eyebrows well groomed. Remove any stray hairs because it makes you look unkempt and serves to only make your eyes lose its definition.

Try this: Tweezerman Midnight Sky Slant Tweezer

Tweezerman Midnight Sky Slant Tweezer

Image credit | luxola.com


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