10 real and uncensored reasons why girls like a mature man


Last Updated on 2016-05-20 , 11:34 am

There are so many songs out there that make the direct comparison between boy and man. A boy can’t do what a man can. A boy has a lot of growing up to do before he can become a man. All these obviously facts when we read it like this but do you know why girls prefer mature men over boys? The boys may be cuter physically but there are some things about a man that draws girls in like bees to honey. Read on to find out what these things are.

He knows how to treat them right
Topmost reason, a man knows how to treat a lady right. If he loves you and truly wants to make you happy, he will take the initiative to make things happen for you. You don’t have to drop hints or make outward requests for him to pick up on what you like and when you will like it. He will know.

He knows the right thing to say at the right time
A mature man will know his way around words. Not just the honeyed ones, but also things that he says when he’s serious. He will know when to tell you or the people around you the right things at the right time to offset any negative feelings that may come from it.

He is stable
The most obvious reason. A mature man will definitely be more stable than a boy in terms of his thought processes and his future.

He knows what he wants
And he goes out and gets it. And that includes you.

He is more experienced in more ways than one
A mature man will probably be a number of years older than the girl so let’s face it, other than being more experienced in work and how unpredictable life can be, he will also be more experienced in bed too. Need I say more?


He gives more grounded advice in any case
When a girl seeks advice from a boy, she might just receive a shrug of the shoulder or something silly that will not work at all. With a man, she can count on him to provide her with a proper solution that will propel her forward instead of sliding backwards.

He is more responsible
A man will take responsibility for whatever he does, whether it was wrong or right.

He is confident enough in himself to not be affected by petty things
He does not worry about gossip or rumours about him from your friends. He will only believe it if it comes from the horse’s mouth (no pun intended).

He believes in making his girl cry for joy and not for sadness
This is what a gentleman is all about isn’t it?

He is practical and does things that are beneficial for both of you, not just himself
One of the best things about being with a mature man perhaps. He doesn’t think about himself only. He plans with the both of you in mind.

Some of you might be going “how is it possible to find someone like that?” Well, it’s really not all that difficult you know. You just need to look carefully and be sure you don’t find someone who comes across as mature but ends up being lackluster in the end. Good luck!

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