10 real shits about being in a relationship that is not clear

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Guys and girls, have you ever been in such a relationship before? Where everything is unclear, and you don’t know if you’re friends, lovers or something else. Gone are the days where things were easier, where you’re either together, or you’re not. Now, there are different types of relationships in the world, from friend with benefits, to dating, dating exclusively, or a fling among many others.

Here are 10 real shits about being in a relationship that isn’t clear. If you’ve been in one yourself, do you agree?

You don’t know whether to describe yourself as attached, or not.
You find yourself constantly confused, and when your friends ask if you’ve finally got yourself a partner, the answer you’ll give is usually, “It’s complicated”. Because you, yourself, don’t know too!

You have no bloody idea where you stand
You know you love her, but you don’t know where you stand in her heart. You’ll beat yourself up day and night wondering if she loves you as much as you love her, and wondering why she doesn’t accept your advances if she does, or letting go if she doesn’t.

You can’t be jealous
If she flirts with other people, or goes out with guys, you can’t say a thing because, well, who are you? It’s not as though you’re her boyfriend, right?

You can’t enjoy yourself to the fullest
Because hey, she’ll ditch you anytime and you’re busy worrying about the potential heartbreak than to enjoy the moment you’re having with her on a date.

You can’t go for other people without feeling guilty
It happens. If there’s another person who’s interested in you, you can’t go for her without feeling guilty about the current one you love, regardless if you know the relationship is going to work out or not. Chances are you’ll miss what could have been a great relationship if you had just let go of the current ambiguous one.

You find yourself giving excuses every time you’ve decided on ending things
“She seems like she’s having a bad day, I’ll tell her tomorrow.” or “She seems like she really wants me, I’ll give it a couple of months more.” No matter what, you can’t seem to let go even if you really, really want to.

You’ll think you’re not good enough
No matter how confident you are, you’d think that you’re lacking in some department, because if not, why wouldn’t she just get together with you instead of leaving things as they are? As some might say, good enough to kiss but not good enough to live with.

You start getting desperate
Especially when you feel like the end is inevitable. You’ll start doing even crazier stunts just to get her, and at the end of the day, when she finally ditched you for another, you’ll be left with nothing but embarrassment and hurt.

Everything’s your fault
Because you’re so in love with her, she could do no wrong. So if she doesn’t want you, it’s because you’re lacking and if she broke your heart, it’s because you asked for it yourself.

You hate yourself
And that, perhaps, is the realest shit of being in a relationship that isn’t clear. You despise yourself for being weak., you hate yourself for getting into one in the first place, and you hate yourself for loving her despite the shit she made you go through.

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