10 really painful thoughts all S’poreans have once they just ORDed

Wait—is the headline an oxymoron? Why would someone have painful thoughts when they ORD? ORD is almost as joyous as marriage—if not, even better!

People should celebrate the day they receive their freedom and IC, right? Well, to some extent, yes. But beyond that happiness are 10 really painful thoughts that we try not to show to others just because we’re, you know, men.

Oh gosh, money problems are coming
As an NSF, every meal is taken care of. We’re given allowances for our bills and entertainment, so that’s pretty sufficient. But once we receive our pink IC, we realise the world has changed—you need to pay for every single meal. That was when the culture shock sank in a day’s meal is so bloody expensive?

Oh gosh, I have to make important decisions now
In NS, you just follow instructions. As a pink-IC holder, not only do you have to make decisions, you have to face the consequences of your decision. Should I work in this company or that company? Damn, if only I’m posted to just a company that SAF decides…

Oh gosh, I’ll lose my fitness
You know you’re going to grow fat once you step out of the camp. Admit it—you only exercise during NS because it’s part of your job scope. Now that you’re out, you know you need to buy new clothes soon.

Oh gosh, I’ve to attend IPPT, RT and ICT
You know what ORD stands for? Operationally Ready Date: It means you’re now ready. So it’s just the beginning, and you know it. And you know how much more difficult it’s going to be when you have slacked for months and suddenly report back to camp in your tight uniform.

Oh gosh, I’ve to work now
Let’s be honest: during NS, what we do is this: sleep, eat, sleep, eat, train, sleep, eat, sleep, eat, train. As a citizen, we have to do this: work, work, work, work, work.

Oh gosh, I’ve got responsibilities now
During NS, you follow instructions and when something goes wrong, you simply point a finger. After NS, you follow instructions and when something goes wrong your head rolls.

Oh gosh, I’ve to wake up by myself
In camp, you’ll be woken up by someone who wakes up earlier than you. Now, when you’ve your own bed, it’s between you and your alarm clock.

Oh gosh, I’ve to set my life goals now
After completing your NS, you’re at the next phase of your life. If you still don’t set your life goals, you know the rest of your life is going to be like in NS: run by others.

Oh gosh, I’m going to miss all my buddies
When you spend so many months chionging with your buddies, they’ve become more than just friends—they’re your “Bros”. ORD means you only get to meet them once a year instead of every single day. Admit it—you, whoever you are who have served NS before, do miss your buddies.

Oh gosh, I’m so old now
Need I say more?

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