10 Reasons why a “Not so Handsome” Boyfriend is the Best Boyfriend


Reader: *googles how to be handsome* *comes across this article* Wait why am I even here?

Well, is physical appearance all that really matters? What do you think? When you look at the guy, I’d bet the first thing you look at will be their appearance. And we don’t blame you because that’d be hypocritical of us.

But before you decide to ditch him for a better looking guy out there who’s interested in you, let’s take a look at why a ‘not-so-handsome’ boyfriend might just be the best boyfriend for you.

Note: Before we get started, I’d like to say that this, of course, is not a representation of all guys in the world and well, it’s a very opinionated piece of work.

He’s not handsome
Well, let’s take a look at it this way. If you don’t find him handsome, and you’re together with him, chances are other women won’t find him a hunk either. So you won’t have to worry about having much competition when it comes to love.

Reader: So how to be handsome?

Just keep reading, dear reader.

He puts in more effort with you
I’m going to go a bit stereotypical here and you’re more than welcome to agree to disagree. Better looking guys knows that they’re handsome, and they are, more often than not, not going to worry about not having another girl by his side if you break up with him. Not so handsome boyfriends, however, will put more effort into the relationship simply because he doesn’t want to lose you.

He won’t judge you base on your appearance
Simply because you did not judge him based on his appearance, he’s not going to start the ball rolling by calling the kettle black, will he? So you can be as un-glamorous as you want in front of him and he doesn’t mind.

Reader: Yes I won’t, but how to be handsome?

I think you have some problems.

He is faithful to you
You chose him because of something deeper than skin deep, and he appreciates you all the more for it. So when push comes to shove, you can still be sure that he’d place you above other women, no matter how much prettier they are than you.

He can dress better
You know what they say, you are what you wear. So what if he is not good looking, that simply means he’d put more effort into the way he dresses. Of course, if you’re together with him after a while, you’d find him no longer caring about his appearance, which can be a good thing. Why? Refer to point 1.

Reader: So, this is how to be handsome?

In a way, yes, but that’s not the point of-

Reader: Ok thanks!

He is funnier
You’d bet he would have went to search and read up on articles like “How to attract girls” to up his game. Most articles would have talked about having a killer sense of humor as one quality that really attracts girls even more than looks. His gags and jokes will make your day, even if you have a lousy day at work or school.

He is hardworking
Whether you’re good looking or not depends on your luck (sometimes plastic surgery) and instead of giving up and blaming the world, he worked at other aspects that managed to attract you to him instead of the better looking choices out there.

Reader: I need more tips on how to be handsome

But this article is telling why you don’t have to be.

Reader: I don’t even know why I’m here.

He doesn’t have an image to uphold

He’s not good looking and he has already accepted it. So if you want him to wear pink, post funny pictures online or just do silly things in public, he will just do these along with you. After all, the entire world doesn’t matter, only you do.

He has personality
He doesn’t have the looks, yet he is funny, brash, charismatic, opinionated and interesting. These qualities attracted you even though your friends might be wondering why a beauty like you would ever get together with someone like him.

You’re awesome
In a world that judges predominantly on appearances, you went against the mold and chose love based on something that’s deeper than skin deep. If that doesn’t that you’re awesome, nothing else will.