10 Reasons Why a Poor Boyfriend is the Best Boyfriend Ever

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Do girls only go for rich men? Do you have a boyfriend who is so dirt poor that he could not really bring you to the restaurant once every month, not to mention once or twice a week?

If you have such a boyfriend, chill out and don’t be in a rush to break up with him. Hear our 10 reasons why a poor boyfriend might just be the one for you, no matter whether he’s able to drive you around or bring you to the cushiest and classiest restaurants for dinner every day.

He has the drive to succeed in life
He has been poor all his life, and honestly, he is rather sick and tired of it. So when an opportunity comes along, you can be sure that he’s going to grab onto it with both hands, grimly holding onto it even as it tries to wriggle out of his hands. And you know what they say, when there’s a will, there’s a way. He may be poor now but you won’t know what will happen in years’ time.

He has the drive to succeed in his relationship with you
If you’re looking for an attentive boyfriend who places you ‘BAE’ and looks to your needs promptly, then a poor boyfriend will be what you’re looking for. He knows that his 条件 isn’t great compared to other guys, so this means he will not want to lose you since he doesn’t know whether he will get another girl that’s just as awesome as you ever again.

He only wants to give the best to you
He just knows how you voluntarily made your own life so much less comfortable when you obviously have better choices, and he just wants to shows his appreciation for you in little ways that he can afford. So while there’s no different five-star restaurants for dinner every night, when he got his hands on some cash or his monthly paycheck, you can be sure that the first person he’ll think of is you.

He doesn’t have girls jumping on him
I’m not trying to stereotype or insult anyone here, but let’s face it, if you have the money or 5Cs, then chances are you’ll have more girls interested in you than someone who is dirt poor. Call it realistic, call it pragmatic but that’s the sad harsh truth.

He doesn’t have the time to go for other girls
He’s too busy trying to make something out of his life that he just doesn’t have the time nor the attention to spare on other areas of life; this include the other beautiful girls that are in his life because he only has focus on two things: his life and you, of course!

He is faithful and loyal to you
You chose him when he’s in such a bad way – that means you chose him for who he is, the good and the bad included. Even when he’s rich or successful, you can be sure that he will always stay loyal and faithful to you simply because you were there for him when he has none of that.

He is matured and strong
If your dirt poor boyfriend is still going strong, still wanting to succeed despite all odds, than he is matured and strong. He has the necessary mental strength and maturity to fight on instead of just giving up and blaming the world. If your boyfriend’s someone like that, that’s a keeper right there because one of these days, he will definitely succeed.

He knows all the best deals
A quick question, what do women, or rather Singaporean women, love more than money? I’ll say a good deal. Well, if you’re such a person, then the poor boyfriend’s the best one for you. In order to stretch their dollar, they’ll do their due diligence and learn where to go and what to buy for the best deals simply to give you better treatment while stretching their hard-earned dollars.

He’s good at saving money
Okay, this we have got to be clear. There are actually different kinds of poor boyfriends – there are the ones who are poor because they spend all that they earn, and then there are those who are poor simply because of their family situations and other factors. We’re talking about the latter.

Having to save from a young age to stretch his allowance, because he knows it’s impossible to get more pocket money from his parents who are struggling from month to month.

He’s amazing and so are you
Girls are always bragging about their boyfriends, trying to one-up each other. While your girlfriends might be talking about how their wonderful boyfriends are bringing them to Europe or other expensive destinations, you’d be staring at a Christmas spent in Singapore.

But while they’re talking about materialistic needs, yours goes so much deeper than that. So at the end of the day, having a dirt poor boyfriend (the right kind) simply shows that you are amazing and true love truly exists.

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