10 reasons why a practical girl is the best girlfriend to marry ever


Last Updated on 2016-05-20 , 2:06 pm

There’s an article on why a practical guy is the best boyfriend to marry, so now we have the girlfriend version! Practical = rational = reasonable = best thing a guy could ask for, right? Right!

She is low maintenance
She doesn’t mind if you guys dine at a Kopitiam; in fact she will lecture you about costs if you decide on an expensive place!

She is calculative (for a good reason)
She’ll make sure to calculate how much you have to spend on a date out, and whether that amount of money is worth spending on let’s say, USS tickets. You can be sure to have more savings at the end of the month!

She doesn’t overspend
No excessive buying of bags and shoes – she knows she doesn’t need them. She gets to save her own money, and you don’t have to worry about carrying too many shopping bags!

She doesn’t believe in fairytales
It’s nonsense to her! She knows that there is reality and only reality; she does not need to be slapped awake to realise that she isn’t in a wonderful fairytale.

She’s easy to please
Cook for her on her birthday, and it’s enough. Don’t need to go out and celebrate or get her a gift because she probably treasures your company more!


No need for expensive gifts
Some girls love to be pampered with expensive jewellery and bags for special oocasions. With a practical girlfriend, you can do away with such pressures! One of my colleague says his girlfriend doesn’t want expensive gifts so that she can have more money when they get married since the man’s money becomes the woman’s!

You don’t have to calm her down to rationalize
Because she’s already rational! And reasonable! So you don’t have to be the bad person to scold her and tell her to keep herself in check.

You don’t have to make your wedding a lavish affair
Chances are, she probably wants to get married only at the ROM. No need for dinners or relatives whatsoever. No big hoohaa about your wedding; no months of intense planning. Just a lady in white and a lifetime of bliss.

Your life after marriage will be simple
No need for lavish houses or anything. She’ll even plan the number of kids you guys should have because hey, raising children is darn expensive today!


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