10 reasons why an independent girlfriend is the best girlfriend ever


Last Updated on 2016-05-20 , 2:08 pm

She gives you your freedom
Because she needs hers too! You are free to hang out with whoever you want, and in return, she gets to hang out with whoever she wants. Personal space is very important to her, and she will respect you to make sure you get yours too.

No mental and emotional baggage
You don’t have to feel guilty that she’s feeling sad and that you can’t cheer her up. She’ll do it herself!  She won’t guilt trap you either because she doesn’t believe in those kind of stuff!

You don’t have to shop with her
She’ll thank you if you choose not to shop with her. An independent girl will be perfectly comfortable shopping on her own. She knows what she looks good in and what she doesn’t.

You don’t have to give your opinions
She won’t ask you what she should wear for your date because she’s already got it thought out. And if she’s having problems, she won’t need your opinions to solve them because she probably knows what to do!

You don’t have to let her use your credit card
She doesn’t treat you like her ATM. In fact, she’ll offer to pay for a meal or two when you go out. Independent girlfriends don’t believe in letting the men pay all the time.

Your ride is not her taxi
You don’t have to be her chauffeur and drive her around. Chances are, she has her own car or bike. Otherwise, she’s perfectly comfortable taking the public transport or taxis.

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She will not rush you into marriage
She will not force you into proposing to her neither will you hear her saying “I’m going to turn 30. I don’t want to be left on the shelf.” She’s ok with not getting married, but that doesn’t mean she don’t want to settle down. She just can cope on her own.

She will inspire you
She is strong and brave, and that will inspire you to achieve great things. You will look up to her like the goddess that she is  and thank your lucky stars that you have such a remarkable girlfriend. An independent girlfriend will push you to do better without even telling you to.

She is true to herself
Some girls aren’t ready to be their true selves in a relationship for fear that their boyfriends may not like them. When dating an independent girl, you can be sure to see here for who she truly is even on the first date!

She will not expect you to text her all the time
She doesn’t believe in clinginess. She doesn’t mind if you don’t text her for a day, what more a couple of hours. You won’t be fed up with having to meet her demands!


So guys out there, have an independent girlfriend? Treasure her even more!