10 reasons why having a crazy girlfriend is the best thing to happen to you

What exactly defines a “crazy” girlfriend? Is she one who goes apeshit over everything? One who is loud? Or is she one who does crazy things? Well, to be honest, it’s pretty subjective, since we all think we’ve got crazy girlfriends. However, our point here is to focus on a girlfriend who does things that is way beyond your comprehension—or in other words, yes, a girl who does really crazy things, not just to you but to everyone else.

She’ll let you say anything you want
If you think her socks are smelly, just say it. She’s so crazy and honest, she’ll just toss it at you and laugh, instead of being angry.

She’s open to new things
What’s life without a bit of excitement, eh? A nerdy girlfriend likes to stay home to fantasize with her books. A crazy girlfriend would go out with you to try all the new things that you’ll never expect to experience.

She’s honest
Because a crazy person is just a person who is too honest so she doesn’t follow social norms, right?

She’s got many friends
We all like a crazy friend, don’t we? So it doesn’t come as a surprise that she has many friends. And who doesn’t like a girlfriend who has many friends?

She can make you laugh like crazy
Usually, the boyfriend is the one who has to come out with the jokes to make the girl laugh. But here, the girlfriend takes the boyfriend’s role. Isn’t that awesome?

She’ll introduce you to many new things
To her, nothing is crazy. They’re just new. You might be learning how to ice- skate and rock-climb in a single day. How cool is that?

She’ll make dates interesting
What’s a crazy girl without a crazy date? If you bring her to a boring place, just let the magic begin—she’ll make even the most boring movie crazy and exciting (by, you know, throwing popcorns?).

She’ll love you like crazy
If you think she’ll hug and kiss you in public like she has not seen you for years when she has just seen you a day ago, like those crazy girlfriends you see on TV, well, yes, she will.

She’ll come out with fun solutions to your problems that might just work
Your boss giving you too much work? Well, she might just suggest you to write a poem to your boss and imply that you’re suffocating. And guess what? It might just work.

She can be crazy with you
Come on, guys, admit it: don’t you just want to be crazy as well?

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