10 reasons why narcissistic guys make the best boyfriend ever


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Narcissism. We’ve heard of narcissistic girls who think they are extremely attractive and that the whole world has eyes only for them but what about narcissistic boys? Those boys who need to look at themselves in the mirror every single day and post their selfies all the time. Their Instagram account and phone probably has thousands of pictures of themselves. Boys who are like the Greek God Narcissus – who fall in love with their own reflection. Well, here are reasons why they can be the best boyfriends ever.

He looks good all the time
Because he knows what he looks good in. He knows what to wear every single day and everything in his wardrobe will never be left out – because all his clothes is stylish and trendy.

He takes good care of his hygiene
Being in love with himself, he never fails to make sure he looks clean, well-shaven and smells oh so heavenly. He’s probably a lot cleaner and neater than you girls.

He is confident
Usually overly confident. He knows himself well, and thinks he knows everything else. The confidence he exudes is pretty attractive to girls who do not prefer humble guys.

You won’t have to talk much
Because the conversations will always be about him. Even if you are talking about the moon and the stars, he will find a way to bring back that convo to himself and himself only. Which is a good thing, because you don’t have to open your mouth much. Great guys for awkward shy girls.

He lives life on the wild side
Narcissistic guys tend to want to be exceptions to rules – they break almost any rule they can and get away with it. Getting away with breaking rules makes them feel good, and if you want someone wild and adventurous, he’s the perfect boyfriend.


He tends to be a high achiever
Success, success, success. That’s what his life is mostly about other than looking good. He over achieves and basks in the success he has – because that will get him the attention he loves the most.

He’s Prince Charming (or so he thinks)
Narcissistic guys tend to be very charismatic (maybe initially in the relationship when he is still interested in you) and have glib tongues that can brighten up any woman’s life. At least until he’s not interested anymore, that is.

He knows more about branded goods
They prefer prestigious goods that are likely to get people talking. Also in high end stores, they receive more and better attention from the salesperson and that makes their day. After all, sales people are paid to tell you that you look good no matter what.

Your facial regime is nowhere near his
Even your makeup skills is no match for him. He treats his skin better than yours, and because he loves himself so much, he needs to take superb care of that lovely face of his. Hands down to these guys.


He has better selfie skills than you
And you can know because he never fails to take selfies each time he goes out. His Instagram is full of his selfies! Even if it is a special occasion for the two of you, he will make sure to direct the photos to his face but still make you look good. He’ll even teach you a skill or two!

Fancy a narcissistic man? Well, you have reasons to go ahead and date one now!

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