10 reasons why some Singaporean guys just can’t find a girlfriend


Last Updated on 2017-05-18 , 6:40 pm


You might occasionally wonder why some supposedly ‘eligible’ guys are still single, and if you’re still clueless allow me to enlighten you — it’s precisely because these guys are eligible that they are still single. How?

Well, since they are eligible, there would surely be girls interested in them. And with a selection spread available to them (think all the instant noodle flavours), they can afford to choose slowly, starting with the basics of ‘Is she my type?’ to ‘Does she fit me?’ By the time they finish deliberating however, the girls would have flocked off to another guy.

No fashion sense

Wearing baggy clothes would not endear you to a girl, no matter how funny you are. Think about it; would you go out with a girl who looked like she got dumped in a random trash bag and just decided to go out anyway?

Casanova wannabe


Keen for skin ship with tons and tons of girls, but uninterested in any romantic relations, these Casanovas are single simply because they want to.

“Casanova” wannabe

Pretty much the opposite of a Casanova in terms of appearance and personality, these “Casanova” wannabes want female attention but aren’t willing to put in the effort to get it. As a result, they are more often than not deluded that the girl on the bus is checking him out, when she’s actually eyeing the cute guy behind him.

Addiction to games

Preferring to spend more time in a fantasy world than in the real world, the addicted gamers couldn’t care less about a girlfriend when they are playing.

2D girls Fervent lovers of 2D girls (animes and games), these guys call fictional characters their ‘waifus’ and treat them as their girlfriends.


Too shy to converse more than one line with a girl, and too shy to even sit beside a girl, these guys are too shy to ever get a significant other.


Not to be confused with shyness, these guys are often aloof and antisocial, preferring their own space rather than interacting with others. And when that happens it’s hard to get a male friend, let alone a girlfriend.


I know some guys can’t help it, but they just act like creeps 24/7. For example, a guy with talent at being a creep could simply look around the corner and come across as a pervert setting eyes on his next target.


Prideful guys could never find it in themselves to confess; they prefer to be confessed to by the girl instead. And you know the story — both of them keep hesitating until the girl gets smitten with another guy who actually had the balls to confess to her.


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