10 reasons why you must marry a boyfriend who can cook


Last Updated on 2016-05-20 , 2:47 pm

Cooking used to be a gender specific thing, but now our generation has evolved. Let’s face it, we find guys who cook so hot and gentlemanly! Read on to find out 10 reasons you must marry a boyfriend who can cook.

You will not get hungry again
Lucky you, if you have already found a guy who cooks. You will never get hungry! He cooks. Period.

You both are able to share the duties in future
If you ever get tired of cooking or you don’t cook well, your man can whip up a meal. You don’t have to do that thing call buying takeaways and pretending you cooked it!

Sharing recipes and experimenting together
You’re able to share your knowledge of food with him and vice versa. Or both of you can experiment new dishes together. Cooking can be fun, and you can spend more quality time with your man that way too.

No need for eating out – every time
Since he cooks, well you guys don’t have to eat out every time you meet or order deliveries. This also saves time and you both can have the luxury of eating at home in your own comfort. This means you can stay indoors in your favourite PJs. Two birds, one stone.

Save money
Needless to say, cooking is way thriftier than eating out.


Look better
You’ll look better with all the beneficial nutritious home-cooked food rather than unhealthy food from outside. There’s less salt and trans fat, and cooking at home allows you to control the serving of food you will like to consume. You will see the difference in your weight, hair and skin!

Great dinner date
Yes, you can do the fancy candlelit romantic dinner thing you thought of. You both can still enjoy an amazing date at home even if you’re broke.

You can brag about your evolved man
We have long ditched the traditional gender role thing. Guys who cook are totally plus point! You can brag about your evolved man to wow your family and friends.

Host dinner parties together
New Year, Christmas, or Thanksgiving dinners. You name it, you can have it.


Guys who cook are sexy
You’ll be spending a lot of time looking at your man and watching him cook. The serious yet delightful look he possesses when he cooks is just plain sexy. There is just something sensual about cooking, isn’t it?

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