10 Relationship Goals That Every S’porean Couple Should Set

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For a happy and fulfilling relationship, one should always plan ahead and set some relationship goals with their partner.

Plan for the future
Don’t plan for the future 10 years in advance because that’s not realistic. Instead, plan for the future at most 2 years ahead and try to set mini goals in between now and the future with your partner.

Write goals down
Goals, as in the goals you set with each other for your combined future. A study from Yale University showed that 97% of people who wrote their goals down achieved them compared to those who don’t.

Make sure you support each other
Supporting each other doesn’t always have to be in terms of each other’s finances. You can support each other morally if you are still not financially stable. Moral support can go a long way and what better way to work towards your goals than to know that someone you hold dear to your heart is behind you all the way?

Ensure that both your individual goals are in line with each other’s
This is important in creating harmony between the two of you. If your individual goals clash with each other’s, sit down, talk about it and try to come to a compromise.

Celebrate when you reach a milestone in life
This is important because not only does it help to motivate each other, it also shows that you are and will be there with your partner every step of the way.

Go on date nights every week
Everybody needs a break every now and then. This is especially important if you are already married to your partner and have children together. It helps to rekindle the love you have for each other from when the both of you were still dating.

Motivate each other
Apart from celebrating each other’s achievements, motivate each other verbally and by doing small things for the other party when they are feeling down or demoralised.

Set the other straight if he/she goes off course
There are times when other events in life can prevent either one of you from achieving your goals together. It is times like that that it is important to remind each other and set each other straight.

Get feedback from each other
After all, your partner knows you best and knows if you have done your best. Get feedback from each other and think about what else can be improved on your side. It could be with regards to your career, time spent with family, or even with each other. Communication is key here.

Spend some alone time together
Take a vacation and enjoy each other’s time overseas. Everybody needs a breather every now and then to feel refreshed and motivated.

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