10 Relatively unknown facts about Wah!Banana you should really know NOW

Have you heard of Wah Banana or Wah!Banana? Founded in 2012, this YouTube channel is one of the biggest and most popular in Singapore with over 554k subscribers and over 98 million views on their videos.

Making videos about typical everyday Singaporean issues and just making fun of everyone in general, they aim to bring a smile to everyone’s face through their videos.

Here are 10 relatively unknown facts about Wah!Banana (or Wah Banana) that you should really know about them.

They could be the number 1 YouTube channel in Singapore
Go to every website or search for every listing on Singapore YouTube channels, and you’d most probably find that Wah!Banana usually holds the 1st position, followed by Night Owl Cinematics.

They were founded in 2012 in Garena
No, they’re not an independent channel. The story goes that in 2012, Garena management had this idea and gave this task to the Wah Banana team to explore and establish.

They are led by a two-man production team
You wouldn’t have thought but the channel is led by writer/director/producer Lingyi Xiong and director/cinematographer/editor Jason Hau. Surprising right, given the quality of content produced.

Their original cast went off to create their own channel Tree Potatoes
If you saw the original cast of Wah Banana under Tree Potatoes, it’s not a typo. Aaron Khoo (Djehuty), Elliot Lucas Marcell Tan (Elliot) and Janice Chiang (Foxy) left Wah!Banana to create their own YouTube channel, Tree Potatoes. The production team stayed however, and new casts joined the team.

They could easily have been Momochacha
They wanted something with a Singaporean flavor, and came up with ideas like Wahlau, Singapura and, of course, Momochacha. Well, for one, I am glad they decided to go with Wah!Banana instead.

They collaborated with international YouTubers like WongFu Productions
If you think they’re only popular in Singapore, think again. Not only do they collaborate with local YouTube channels like Night Owl Cinematics, they have also collaborated with international YouTubers like WongFu Productions, which has worked with NigaHiga before as well.

They are known overseas as well
While searching through Google, I found their videos on a playlist in a US database. How cool is that?

They love Night Owl Cinematics
In an interview with Mothership, they professed that NOC is their favorite Singapore YouTube channel. It’s no surprise as you see how often they collaborate together.

There seems to be something between Tree Potatoes and Wah Banana
When questioned about whether bananas are out of their diet, Tree Potatoes replied: We don’t have any issues with eating bananas but we’re not sure if the bananas want to be eaten.

When questioned about the subject of potatoes, Wah!Banana replied: To quote a line from one of our videos, “Some people prefer the soup, and some people prefer it dry.”

Woah, getting a bit heated there, don’t you think?

Wah!Banana Fish loves playing Magic cards
In an interview with Today Online during the YouTube Fan Fest this year, Audrey from Wah!Banana decided to reveal a dark secret of Fish. He loves playing Magic: The Gathering card game. He would forgo going out with the rest of the cast for supper to play magic cards…alone.

Whether you want to call them Wah Banana or Wah! Banana, you have to admit, they’re doing something right.

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