10 Safest Places To Travel To in 2018 For Ladies Who Love Travelling Alone

As much as we’d like to discount the disparity between man and woman, and that travels should be organically safe no matter the gender of the traveller, the reality is we can’t.

Danger comes in all shapes and sizes and its best to protect your own interest by carefully deciding where you’re travelling to as a solo traveller.

What makes a place safe to travel?

Before anything, how do we define that a country is safe to travel to?

  • Culture – in certain countries, behaviours like catcalling is more permissible and socially accepted than others, though they might not necessarily entail street harassment, it’s worth noting, due to how frowned upon certain acts are to Singaporeans, especially to a solo female traveller.
  • In reference to MFA guidelines – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs issues travel advisories to ensure that travellers make informed decisions and prepare adequately for anything that might happen on their trip. It serves as a reliable guideline for travellers in regards to issues such as inclement weather, political unrests or a widespread of disease in a country.
  • Crime rate – this goes without saying, we’re all nervous travellers and how does one truly enjoy an adventure if she’s left feeling uneasy about the safety of her immediate surrounding?
  • Discrimination against women – it should be flashing red sign that if a country or culture stigmatises against women then it is generally unwise to visit such country alone.
relaxing holiday
Image Credit: Chris Ford | Flickr

We’ve come up with a list of countries that we think would be the safest for a lady to travel alone.

Taking into account of our personal takes on how we define ‘safety’ and aforementioned statistically supported facts, these countries prove to be the safest countries in the world!

Well, both guys and girls are more than welcome in these destinations but if you’re a solo female adventurer, this one’s for you!


terrorist threat worldwide
Image Credit: The Telegraph

Iceland has been named one of the safest country in the world in the 2017’s Global Peace Index (GPI) and has been so since 2008.

The Foreign Office UK has also revealed that Iceland has one of the, if not lowest terror threat level in the world as seen on the map above, as compared to a country with a higher threat level like Russia.

Not only that, we’ve also looked at how likely natural disasters are bound to strike in the particular country and yet again, Iceland emerged one of the lowest.

To put things into perspective, the homicide count in Brazil in the year of 2009 was 43, 909 whereas in Iceland the count was 1.

iceland town
Image Credit: Hugi Ólafsson | Flickr

Safety aside, the great outdoors of a Nordic country paints a scenic view to die for.

Iceland is safer than anyone could possibly imagine – the only risks to your safety would be the slower response time of emergency assistance services to remote areas.

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Immerse yourself in the Scandinavian architectures in Iceland’s capital city, Reykjavik. With a population of a little over 300, 000, the sparsity of this off-the-fringe of a country is a good switch-up from the densely populated Singapore!


Image Credit: Tilemahos Efthimiadis | Flickr

It is not only home to the ‘most beautiful balcony in Europe’, but the country’s medieval history is also reflected in their castle-filled state, with the majority of the castles being filled at the northern end of the country.

Its Singapore-like geographic size makes it easy to travel around the country, with its small size entailing its convenience to explore the entirety of the country.

With its already low crime rate in Luxembourg; a mere 0.8% homicide rate in 2011, none of the victims were females.

Its rather unpopular status as a tourist destination makes it unlikely for thieves and scam artists to prey on unsuspecting visitors, but it certainly doesn’t discount the adventure this country can offer to fellow adventurers.


copehagen, denmark
Image Credit: morisius cosmonaut | Flickr

The Scandinavian countries seem to be peaking the list when it comes to UN’s world happiness index, and Denmark seems to take the cake year after year.

The city of Copenhagen also boasts of its low crime rates and a Danish way of living, known as ‘Hygge’ which is the acknowledgement of a special or cosy moment.

A solo stroll along Nyhavn, the row of colourful townhouses that line themselves beside the pier could just be the way to spend your day in Copenhagen.

The Danes are 99% literate in English, fear not to approach a local when you’re touring the city! I mean, what better way to explore the city like a Dane?

Denmark low crime rates can be told through the tendency of gang brawls being the biggest crime news in the country; even so, it rarely ever happens.

Hong Kong

hong kong at night
Image Credit: Brian H.Y | Flickr

Commonly compared to the Singapore of northern Asia, Hong Kong’s hustle and bustle is not the only thing that is parallel to our country; it is also one of the safest countries in the world according to the World Economic Forum.

Do not be threatened by the large crowds, as it is normal to be caught in the middle of a congestion no matter where you’re at in Hong Kong.

Because of its land scarcity, many areas throughout the cities are packed with locals and tourists alike, especially because the place is covered with great places to eat.

Similar to the other densely populated countries, it is definitely possible to explore Hong Kong within a limited time frame with the convenience and safety of the MTR (the local subway), remember to pop by the scenic Victoria Harbour for the view of your lifetime!

As always, remember to always exercise caution as you would with any other travel destinations.


tallinn estonia
Image Credit: Arian Zwegers | Flickr

I bet half of you girls and guys haven’t even heard of this Baltic state (what’s a Baltic state even?) hidden away at the north end of Europe.

And that itself is an adequate enough reason to consider why Estonia would be an ideal destination for a woman to do her individual adventurer.

Crimes related to alcoholism seems to make up the main body of crimes, but do not let that distract you from the wonders of the Baltic architecture that is prominent across Tallinn, the capital of Estonia.

When visiting any of the Baltic cities, one of the simplest yet flattering things one could possibly do is to stand in awe and appreciate the old-European fashioned buildings.

Interesting to also note that Estonia is rolling out its official ‘Digital Nomad’ visas to allow for travellers who are adept with tech-centred jobs to take up residency in the country for up to 365 days, and it is due to be fully running by early 2019.


Japan tokyo
Image Credit: Yoshikazu TAKADA | Flickr

A population of 127 million people yet Japan is able to keep crime rate at 0.2% says deal about the country’s safety that isn’t governed by natural causes.

We’re not strangers to the tremors that Japan experience yearly but homes and architectures in Japan since the early 90s have been built to withstand major earthquakes.

Females are generally safe to travel alone late at night but as usual, practice caution whenever you can! In an effort to waive the possibility of any sexual harassment, female-only carriages on public transports have also been introduced.

Foreigners are generally treated with respect and welcomed in Japan. In a country where bowing is the way to greet someone, the courtesy inculcated in the Japanese is unmatched for. If this got you interested, make sure you try all the interesting things to do Japan offers.


Image Credit: Bernd Thaller | Flickr

The true beauty of Mongolia lies in its wild blue yonder and the straw hutted yurts in the barren fields, where horse racing, the national sport of the country is commonly held. Talk about somewhere off the beaten track.

Being one of the least crime-ridden places in Asia, its rural places is where Mongolia truly shines (and relatively safer than its capital, Ulaanbaatar).

Still as always, stay tip top with the awareness of your surrounding especially in a foreign land!


helsinki, finland
Image Credit: Jaafar Alnasser | Flickr

A close contender with Iceland for the safest country in the world, petty crimes and major violent crimes alike are almost non-existent throughout the country.

Be sure to pop by Helsinki before heading straight north for the northern lights. Nothing spells more suiting than a steaming sauna in this Scandinavian weather by the Yrjönkatu Swimming Hall, the oldest public indoor swimming hall in Finland.

What’s more – they have gender-specific dipping times!

For truly an adventure of the lifetime, and as cliché as it is, a glimpse at the northern lights doesn’t sound half as bad of an idea after travelling so far north-west on the globe.


Image Credit: John Cook | Flickr

The Caribbean is no stranger to us; through the lens of several famous film sets, and an ideal beach vacation in the Bahamas is what illustrates the Caribbean to most of us.

Aruba, less commonly known to the Asia-Pacific travellers, is no lesser of a travel destination than any of its counterparts in the Caribbean sea.

Beaches of pristine white sand and surreally blue sea – it looks almost like a scene straight out of an exaggerated movie edit.

Behind the beachy facade, ladies can indulge in a shopping spree at the Renaissance mall, with a plethora of high-end fashion conveniently within walking distance of the shores.

The crime rate for Aruba is considered generally low – practice caution as usual especially when partaking in night activities.


castle square, warsaw
Image Credit: Dennis Jarvis | Flickr

The reign of the Soviet Union has left ruins of concentration camps scattered across the different states under the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (The USSR).

Visiting a site where over a million people have lost their lives, you don’t need to be a history buff to fathom the dark history behind Auschwitz.

Poland is generally a safe place to visit though language might be a problem as most Poles are native Polish speakers and only a minority is fluent in English.

Aside from the language, Poland is generally a safe country for a female to visit.

So Long, and Goodbye – But Before That

Though we’ve prepped you pretty well with a list of countries you can safely let your inner wanderlust roam free – keep in mind a few things:

  • Anything can happen anywhere! Do your research no matter how much we’ve prepared you 😉
  • Avoid being ‘high’ or ‘drunk’ in unfamiliar places, especially when you’re not with your girlfriends.
  • Don’t be afraid to say no.

These destinations bring you to different corners of the world, countries you might not even know existed.

There are no better bragging rights than telling someone you’ve travelled to a country they’ve never heard of before, alone!

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