10 serious facts about comedian 莫小玲 that are guaranteed to make you her fan

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In an industry where looks really matter, 莫小玲 or Patricia Mok carved out a place for herself with her larger-than-life personality and her acting skills, proving that even if you don’t have the looks, it’s okay. She is Singapore’s answer to Shu Qi, famous for her thick lips and amazing comedic timing in local showbiz.

Starting out in Comedy Night (搞笑行动), she was awarded a contract with MediaCorp in 2006. Today, she is managed by Fly Artistes after having left MediaCorp in 2012.

I’m sure most of us, if not all, know who Patricia Mok is, but here are 10 serious facts about this amazing comedian that might just make you fall in love with her all over again.

She is kind by nature

In 2009, she was involved in a case where she was molested while partying with her friends at Zirca. A man allegedly pinched her buttocks and she reported the case to the police. The assailant offered her SGD 10,000 to settle the case out-of-court, which she accepted. She donated every single cent of the settlement to charity.

She values her family and friends

Mok, who has been single for a pretty long time, is looking forward to finding her Mr Right. Aside from all the usual criteria that he has to meet – good looking, tall, etc – the most important criteria to her is that her family and friends must approve of him, if not it’s a kiss goodbye to this Mr Could-have-been-Right.

She is really professional

In an age where images and stereotypes of what a perfect woman should be like runs rampant, she made herself out to be an unglamorous and typical Singaporean aunty in her shows. In fact, she had confessed that she really dislikes hosting and would prefer to act in sitcoms and dramas, but she still took on the projects anyway.

She’s really down-to-earth

When she had her makeover, she wasn’t saying, see, Patricia Mok is pretty also, okay! Instead, she herself expressed surprise at the results of her makeover and thought that, Pat Mok can be so beautiful also.

She’s not afraid to stand up to others

According to netizens, she was also involved in another incident where she hit an ang moh for saying “Stupid Fucking Asians” when she was at a club celebrating a birthday for one of her friends in front of hundreds of people. Well, it’s not the best way to show your displeasure, but hey, by taking action, she’s already upstaged plenty of Singaporeans.

She taking on bigger challenges now

Before, it was dramas, sitcoms and hosting events. Now, she takes part in photoshoots, is going to star in a comedy movie and is also taking on roles in English plays at the Esplanade.

She’s real


It was said that on screen, she’s obnoxious, loud and funny. When it comes to off-screen, she’s equally loud and obnoxious, not to mention kind, and extremely easy to talk to, no matter who you are.

She’s confident

You would have thought that after decades of being called ugly and other unglamorous names, her confidence would have taken a hit and plummet to god-knows-where, but in an interview, when asked about her requirements for her other half, she wants someone good looking, tall, charismatic, someone who knows how to entertain her, etc.

She doesn’t really care about societal expectations

If you were a 44-year-old woman, would you dare to tell the whole world about you being a fangirl? Well, Patricia Mok apparently doesn’t, since netizens have observed her collection of Big Bang collectables and her public profession of love for them online.

She shows that it’s not just about looks

Tammy started to see her dead boyfriend after an accident. But did she make him up? Or is there something else? Watch her story that's based on true events here:

Well, I’ll say that our favourite serious fact about Patricia Mok is this: she shows that no matter where you go, even in the cutthroat industry of showbiz which focuses a lot on appearance, you can succeed as long as you put your mind and determination to it. So, these are our 10 serious facts about Patricia Mok that made us a fan of her all over again. Do you agree, or do you agree to disagree?

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