10 shits about living in the west of S’pore that only westies would understand


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Disclaimer: If it’s not obvious enough, we’ll highlight it now: we’re just trying to be funny. If you’re easily offended or you’re extremely self-righteous online, we suggest that you click away now.

Changi Airport is in another country
Okay, maybe not that far off, but going to Malaysia is relatively faster than getting to the airport. In fact, going to JB airport might be faster, no?

All chalets are overseas
Maybe it’s not that far, but when Downtown East, Aloha and other popular chalets are all in the most eastern side of Singapore, it’s no wonder we westies would think that there’s no chalet in Singapore.

Many new couples’ homes are in Punggol, yet their parents live in Boon Lay
When Singaporean couples got married, they’ll apply for a BTO, and guess where is readily available? Punggol. If they’ve been living in Boon Lay all their lives, Punggol is as far as Mars.

Friends won’t send you home
If you don’t have your own transport, this conversation after a nights-out would occur: Friend A: “Who needs a ride?” You: “Me! At Jurong West.” Friend B: “Me! At Boon Keng.” Friend A: “Jurong West cannot lah. Boon Keng okay, close enough.” #truestory

All good food seems to be elsewhere except Jurong
Westies have Boon Lay Power Nasi Lemak, but in other parts of Singapore, there’s Chong Pang Nasi Lemak, Punggol Nasi Lemak and Changi Nasi Lemak… The west side of Singapore seems to be home to only a few good food.


Train stations are packed because of the number of schools in the west
Everyone is journey-ing to the west because every school is to the west. And what does that mean for westie? Crowded stations and bus interchanges. Every time.

NSF going to Tekong is a long, long, long, long, long, long…journey
You know the difference between NSFs living in the east and NSFs living in the west? The NSFs living in the east has more free time. #truestory

The jam starts from the west…
If you’ve driven to work or school in the morning, you’ll know where the jam in expressway starts: from the west. From the most west. From the damn west.

…the jam ends in the west
…and as you drive back home, that’s when the jam ends, too. But it makes sense, doesn’t it? As long as you live in the far end of Singapore, you’ll face the wrath of the entire jam.

The west once has PSI of 471
Who else in Singapore has seen such a fog in Singapore except people in the west? If you’ve forgotten all about it, here’s a recap.

The west side of Singapore is often linked to just industrial area
Why doesn’t everyone link Woodlands to just the checkpoint, Bedok to just the beaches and Orchard to just Sentosa? Why you all so like that one?

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