10 shits every couple has to go through before they’re considered a committed couple


Last Updated on 2016-05-20 , 2:48 pm

Ever wondered if you’re a committed couple now? Read on to find out the 10 shits you’ve gone through.

Letting out body gas
Congrats if you have both passed this phase in your relationship! (Yea, we’re all humans..) Flashing your unshaven leg hairs shouldn’t be a problem now.

Coincidentally seeing each others’ family members
You guys already know how small our little red dot (Singapore) is. Coincidentally meeting each other’s family members outside isn’t a new thing anymore.

The untrue lies before your relationship
All the ‘white lies’ you fabricate before you and your partner got together. Lies such as telling her you were fetching her because “it was on your way” when it really wasn’t even near your way.

The first meal
As if picking a restaurant is not enough of a struggle, BEING in the restaurant is the real challenge. Having to act all poise, ordering a salad instead of a seafood platter which you already have your eyes on. How noble is that??

Spending a decade in the toilet for no reason
Guys may not have a problem with this, but ladies…Well. You may think they are touching up their make up or perhaps fixing their hair when it takes them a decade, but the truth is maybe they just needed to shit and is too embarrassed to tell you.


Seeing your ex
Seeing somebody you know in Singapore isn’t all that hard, especially your ex. You decided to tell your partner that ex is an old friend of yours or a distant relative that you only saw once in your life to kill your partner’s curiosity.

The number of times you meet
Meeting your bf/gf used to be a daily routine. Now you’re past that phase and you start thinking that you need more personal time or spend more time with your friends.

Relationship history
A question you’re dying to ask but dreading to know the answer. You’re just curious about your bf or gf’s ex and their ‘history’.

Exchanging phone numbers
“Should I get her phone number now? Should I wait ?” Getting a girl’s phone number right away seems so straightforward. And maybe insincere. There’s so much to worry.


“How are you today?” “Have you eaten?” Sure, these questions show your care and concern for your bf/gf but sometimes you just need that beyond-the-surface conversation. We can always use some heart to heart talks.

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