9 shits that only SIM students would understand


Last Updated on 2017-08-06 , 11:35 am

Each school probably has their own shits that only students would understand, including SIM. Students from SIM may appear to have an easy life on the outside, but really, who understands these woes?

Look out for these 9 shits that only SIM students would understand.

If you’re an SIM student, do you agree?

Bus woes
SIM is situated at Clementi, but you’ll have to take a bus from the MRT station because it’s not within the usual walking distance. There are a number of buses that goes to SIM, but due to a large amount of students including NP’s students who takes the same bus, it is quite horrendous. When the bus comes, you feel like you can never ever get in unless you learn martial arts.

Block B’s lift is always packed
The newest building, Block B has its lift area packed with never-ending people. How long does it take to wait for the lift again? And if you can’t wait, it’s either you run up the stairs or go back to Block A to take the escalators.

Packed library during exam periods
During the exam periods, expect a tremendous crowd at the SIM library. It’s as if you were shopping at Chinatown during CNY.


Library tables full of bags
And if the library is fully packed, you’ll be like, hey it’s the exam period! But if what you see is this, you’ll be mad. The library tables are fully occupied, but it’s the students’ bags that are there. The students are god-knows-where.

Car park used to have only one entrance
SIM now has two entrances, but back in the past, the car park has one entrance, which means, you join the damn queue to drive out after class. Your friend who went to take the bus might reach home earlier than you.

Food at SIM is expensive
Neighbourhood kopitams sell food at an average cost of $3. SIM have eateries and stalls that sell food and even salads at $4-$6. It’s alright to spend that money once in awhile, but every day? No wonder students are more than willing to take the long walk to NP.

Lecture timings
The lecture either starts as early as 8.30am, or it starts as late as 3.30pm. The in between session is 12pm, which is lunchtime. Should we eat our lunch at 10am?


Smoking area
The smoking area is always so crammed, packed with people before class, during breaks, after class. It’s as though you are inhaling more second-hand smoke than your own cigarette.

UOL pay school fees in pounds
This is for the UOL students out there. They have to pay school fees separately to SIM and UOL which is a hassle. And because the payment to UOL is in pounds, plenty of students look at the currency exchange for weeks before making their payment.. #moneywoes

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