10 Shitty Relationship Advices You Should NEVER Listen To


Last Updated on 2016-06-20 , 1:11 pm

1. “You guys have been together for 5 years, you should get married now!”
No and no. When you marry should be something decided by the two of you without any outside interference. Marriage is a pretty big thing and requires some deep thought, comprende?No rushing. Marry when you two are ready.

2. “Maybe you should try playing hard to get.”
And what, confuse the whole world as to what your agenda is? It’s like taking a cake out of the fridge and then putting it back again because you can’t decide as to whether you’re hungry or not.

3. “That person is waaaay out of your league, so don’t even bother.”
And who is this person to tell you this, anyway? Is he a master of the tides or some relationship expert? He probably isn’t, so you should be using your own judgment.

4. “You will immediately know whether he/she is the one.”
Some people struggle and search for years, mate. If this piece of advice were true, we wouldn’t be having Family Courts or any ridiculous Kim Kardashian marriages that only last for 3 days.

5. “Financial stability is more important than love.”
Not necessarily so. Granted, everyone wants to make sure that whatever family they have in the future will have some form of stability, but money isn’t always more important than love. Would you rather be stuck in a loveless marriage or have one that is perhaps less flashy, but is filled with passion? Materialistic stuff don’t always triumph over what’s in the heart, you know.

6. “Just break up with him. Men are shit.”
Stop! Not all men are shit.


7. “Just break up with her. Women are bitches.”
Stop! Not all women are bitches.

 8. “Online dating never ends up well.”
Not true. Online dating has been painted in a negative light mostly due to safety concerns, and it is quite understandable to be skeptical about online dating platforms like Tinder. However, I wouldn’t say that online dating always leads to a bad ending. There have been many good endings, too. And with the rate technology is growing so much of a part of our world, it’s no wonder that it ends up influencing the way people date, too.

9. “Everyone’s getting married, shouldn’t you find someone too?”
No, because not everyone is in desperate need for a relationship. Not everyone is interested in setting up a family. Some prefer their freedom; some want to advance their careers; some simply don’t have the time. You should be the one to choose your own path in life when it comes to relationships. Don’t let anyone else try to dictate that for you. Ladies, especially – never feel pressured into entering a relationship or getting married just because everyone else around you is doing just that. Got your own dreams and goals? Cool, go out and do just that!

10. “If you guys are arguing, maybe you two should break up.”
Relationships can be messy, they DO need work, and they’re NOT always the fairytale sort that you read in comics or whatever. But whatever it is, don’t be a wimp.  If you really want a relationship to make it, the two of you should work a problem out and face the challenge head-on. Couples who can’t make it through their fights are the ones who don’t last, and those are the saddest stories of all. If you love your relationship, you will try to fix it.

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