10 Signs That a Shy Guy Likes You (Shy Guy Crush Signs Revealed)

Ladies, do you know any shy guys? Or maybe you’re into someone like that in your life, but you just can’t seem to figure out if he’s as into you as you’re into him. It’s just to hard to spot the shy guy crush signs.

If you know the signs to look out for, what used to be a confusing mess of contradicting signs will suddenly, miraculously even, turn into flashing neon signs that tells you exactly what he’s thinking.

Okay, maybe not exactly what he’s thinking (do shy guys avoid their crush?), but at least a vague direction of his thoughts that might just give you that extra boost in confidence and just ask him out (finally!).


Guys, if you’re shy, you’re welcome. Because we’re going to say what’s going on in your mind. Here’s a way to chase that cute girl without beating past your shyness. Show her this article, then exhibit all ten signs and chances are you’re good to go. Whether you’re going towards attached or despondent singlehood depends on you and her lah! But at least you’re going somewhere right?

So ladies, how to tell if a shy guy likes you? Here are 10 shy guy crush signs that a shy guy is into you but just couldn’t bring himself to say it. Does this remind you of anybody around you, or maybe your boyfriend used to be like that too?

He’s always around you
If he’s always hovering around your general vicinity just out of the spotlight, no matter whether his desk is located near or far, chances are he’s has the shy guy crush signs. He’s just around because he’s shy and trying to figure out how to get you. That and he just can’t help but want to be close to you.

He’s always looking at you
He’s too shy to come in too close, but he’s perfectly willing to look at you from afar. If you find him always looking in your general direction, yup, he’s interested.


He breaks eye contact with you when smiling
Guys usually stare into a girl’s eyes when they’re interested in them. Look for the opposite and see if the shy guy breaks contact. If he does, chances are, he’s into you. You’ll notice he doesn’t break eye contact with girls he has no feelings for, because they’re just friends to him.

He pays attention to you all the time
No matter whether it’s just the two of you, or a whole group of people, he’s going to pay at least 90% of his attention to you. Even shy guys have short attention span, so if he’s focusing on you so much, he likes you.

He notices little things about you
It might not be much, but you’ll realize he’s always observing you (it might be a bit stalkerish, but shy guys does that) and from time to time, he brings up little details that even you might have forgotten. If that doesn’t show that he likes you, nothing will. It’s a bit creepy, but hey, it’s heartwarming at times, isn’t it?

He compliments you on the smallest things
Keywordsmallest. It’s things that other people won’t notice, but he does. He might compliment you once or twice a month, but that’s enough to validate your suspicion. After all, why pay so much attention to you if he’s not into you, at least a tiny little bit.

He denies all claims of you and him in a relationship
Okay, this is a bit tricky. There are two ways guys deny a relationship1) He laughs it off and say that it’s impossible, and 2) he laughs it off and say it’s impossible for you to be in a relationship with him. While trivial, the shy guy will usually reply in the latter because they feel that you’re something desirable that they’re unable to reach. If he says that, he wants you. Dearly.

He gets more aggressive when he sees someone else in the picture
Okay, not aggressive-aggressive, but passive-aggressive. If he starts behaving out of the norm because of that new guy that’s been hitting on all the females in the office, and his attitude towards the guy is passive-aggressive, chances are he’s jealous. Being passive-aggressive is the shy guy’s way of declaring all-out war.

He can’t help but wants to know everything about you
He’ll let you talk his ears off if you want to. He just wants to know more about you and your personal life, and he’s scoping out any boyfriends, ex-boyfriends, crush in your life as well. It doesn’t hurt that the more you tell him, the closer he’ll be to you. Unfortunately, these shy guys are usually friend-zoned even before they can make their move.

He gives off confusing signals
Last but not least, he makes you confused. If a shy guy is into you, you’ll be left wondering if he’s really into you, or you’re just imagining things up yourself. If he’s not into you, there won’t be confusion.


A shy guy, unlike someone who’s confident and out-going, will not be able to declare their feelings for you directly, so they’ll give out some signals, then draw back, then give again, then draw back. Frustrating, I know, but that’s what makes them so lovable, right?

And if you’re a shy guy, you should watch this video to the end to know what you’re missing out:

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