10 signs that it’s time to leave your relationship


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:42 pm

You’re living in the past
If you’re always reminiscing about the past, it might be high time that you move on from your relationship. Everyone should live in the present, and when you find the past a more feasible place to stay, something’s wrong. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the way he or she treated you so warmly and nicely, or the time when he or she braved the heavy rain just to see you. The only thing that matters is this instant — right now.

More pain than joy
A relationship is supposed to bring you joy, or at least more joy than pain. When it does a 360 and inflicts more pain on you than joy, perhaps it’s time you consider leaving your relationship.

Expecting you to change
Changes for the better — quitting smoking and adopting a healthier diet — are all right. Changes that cater just to him or her are not all right. For example, he requests for you to lose weight just because his female friend was of healthy weight. Now, if you’re in danger of being overweight, that’s fine depending on you. If you’re perfectly healthy and he’s still asking for you to lose weight, something’s wrong.

There’s abuse in the equation
Abuse should never exist in a relationship, regardless of whether it’s verbal or physical.

Over and over again
He or she did something wrong, and promised to rectify that mistake. A week later and he or she is saying the exact same words. Three days later, he or she’s begging for your forgiveness yet again.
If you’re seemingly always caught in an endless loop like the one above in your relationship, it might be time to leave your relationship.

No effort whatsoever
A relationship should always be 50-50 when it comes to putting in effort. If it’s 100-0 or 0-100, something’s wrong.


Differences in values and beliefs
I’m not talking about the advanced values and beliefs that you acquire over time; I’m talking about the fundamental values and beliefs that have stayed with you all along. If your fundamentals collide against your loved one’s, it might be a wise choice to reconsider your relationship. After all, a relationship with differing core values would most likely never work out.

Restriction of growth
A relationship shouldn’t inhibit personal growth; if anything else, it’s supposed to help the growth process. So if you’re finding it hard to progress as an individual, and can’t locate any other sources to blame other than your relationship, it might be high time you desert your loved one.

Expecting things to get better
You’re always hoping for the future to be better, to get better. Unfortunately, you’re living in the present, and if you ever exhibit such tendencies it might be wise for you to reconsider your relationship. Why? Well, hoping for things to get better indicates that you’re wishing for some godly interference, and zero personal efforts, which means that the future would probably be just like your present. And you would always be hoping for a better future (which would never happen).

The feelings are gone
Throw away those fairy tale delusions; you might have fallen in love at the start of a relationship, but that doesn’t mean that the feelings will stay for eternity. If they ever fade, or go away, don’t resist against the fact; embrace it. It’s common for feelings to disappear, and the more you try to keep the relationship just based on lingering feelings, the harder it is for you.

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