10 signs that you belong to the strawberry generation, but here’s the good news

Do you belong to the strawberry generation? If asked this question, most of us will probably deny this vehemently, because it’s not a good thing to be known to belong to the affectionately known strawberry generation. People in the strawberry generation are termed as lazy people who gets easily bored and expect everything to be given to them, and if it’s not provided, they’ll kick up a stink and make plenty of noise wherever they could, trying to garner sympathies and attention from the rest of the world.

If you’re unsure whether you belong to this notorious group, check out these 10 signs that would declare you a member of the proud strawberry generation, and find out why it might not be so bad to be one after all.

You spend more time satisfying yourself than working hard
In our parents’ generation, they know the value of working hard at something almost singlemindedly, because they know the value of hard work and understand what it takes to provide for the family. You, on the other hand, finds it more important to satisfy your own desires, and you’ll most likely be spending more time on social media than working in the office. Which brings us to the next point.

You don’t stick at a job for more than a year
You simply can’t stay still forever. You understand the concept of having to start small and do all the boring and mindless stuff before you can really join the big boys’ league, but that’s all it is to you, a concept. You’ll grow bored and job hop once you cannot tahan the monotonous routine anymore. Not even if career prospects in that company is awesome, because really, working at something you’re not passionate about is not going to make you shine.

You have an inflated sense of self-entitlement
I should have the job because I’m qualified. Why didn’t you hire me? I’m the best candidate for the job! You must not know what you’re talking about when you choose the other guy to fill the position. You’ll regret it. Notice how in all the sentences before, there’s no concrete reason for why you should be hired, and only lambasting the decision-maker for not hiring you? There you go. An inflated sense of self-entitlement.

You bruise easily. Like really, really easily.
And you can’t really take criticisms graciously, be they constructive or just troll comments. Both will hurt you equally and cause you to want to retaliate with extreme measures, even if these criticisms are well-deserved. You’ll get so hurt you can’t stop thinking about how it hurt for days, instead of reflecting on why they’re given in the first place.

You need a reason to work
In the past, the boss says A and you’ll do A; he says B and you’ll do B. No special reason is needed, everyone understands the importance of money. You who do not have money worries, won’t move just because the boss says so. You must take apart his command and understand why you have to do so before starting on any action. And no, money, unless they’re in huge amounts, just don’t cut it.

You have unreal expectations
After working in the office for a year, you’re wondering why you’re not promoted to the position of team lead, even though you think you’re qualified for the position. It doesn’t matter that you have seniors who’s been working for that position for years, it belongs to you because you have this 5-year-plan for the future that must be adhered to. And when you find things not moving fast enough for you, you’ll start looking for other jobs, expecting things to get better. They usually don’t.

You refuse to take responsibility
Part of being a leader means taking responsibility for the actions of the staff under you, but you don’t want to do that. It’s usually “I didn’t do this because of…“, or “I decided not to get started because you…” There’s never a single instant where you cannot push the blame to someone else or the circumstances. It’ll kill you the moment you have to admit to any wrongdoing, because you’ve not done so for probably your whole life.

You expected things to be handed to you
With you, it’s all about “rights, I should have, this should be given, I should be provided with…” Really, it doesn’t matter that you don’t deserve these things, as long as you ask for them, they should be given to you. It’s not a privilege, it’s entitled to you. Actually.

It’s not about giving, it’s about getting
No, we’re not telling you to give to charities and what not. Instead, we’re saying that you have your focus on the wrong area: what you can get, instead of what you can give. Notice how university grads are applying to companies for jobs, and most of them are focused on what they can get from the company, namely the salary, the benefits and the career progression. What these same candidates forgot to ask themselves, is what they can give (or bring to the company) to deserve such attractive salary packages. And when they can’t find a job, it’s because the competition for jobs is too high in small Singapore and the global economy is bad.

Instead of looking to yourself, you look to your parents
At the smallest sign of an obstacle, the first thing you do is to talk to your parents. It’s an ingrained instinct in you because since you’re a tiny baby, they’ve been protecting you and sheltering you from the world. If you realize that when you’re stressed at work, the first thing you do is not to look towards yourself to see what can be done, but to look towards your parents to see what can be done about your situation, chances are you belong to the much vaunted “Strawberry Generation”.

So, looking at the 10 signs above, we can safely say that being part of the Strawberry Generation leaves much to be desired, right? But here’s the good thing about belonging to the strawberry generation.

At least you’re not part of the Durian Generation
While strawberries are seen as weak and often undesired at the workplace, they’re not as toxic as those in the durian generation, nor are they as harmful.

A person from a Strawberry Generation might complain to his parents about how his work is stressing him out and ask them to get him out of the situation, but a person in the Durian Generation not only turns to his parents, but make up stories to get the person or “stressor” into trouble. They’re not just looking to get out, they’re looking to get back at others as well.

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So, now that you know the signs, are you part of the strawberry generation?

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