10 signs that you’ve become obsessed with your smartphone


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:50 pm

The title is self-explanatory. Now, hold your breath and check how many signs you’ve ticked.

 You need your smartphone when you’re shitting
I shit you not. There’s a reason why smartphones always end up in the toilet bowl. For all we know, you’re reading this in the toilet now.

You need to have an app for everything
Book a cab? Use an app. Food delivery? Use an app. Shopping? Use an app. What can you not do with an app? Nothing.

You need to change your smartphone every one or two years
Surprised to see this? Well, don’t be. There are apparently many people out there who are satisfied with a four-year-old phone, because their phones are used just for calling and texting. Yours? It’s you. You grow up, so do your phone.

You need to reach for your smartphone the moment you wake up
Not your towel, not your toothbrush, or for the guys, not your erected junk. But your smartphone. And unless you’ve replied to all messages, you’ll not do anything else.

You need to go back home to take your smartphone if you forget to bring it out—even if it means you’ll be extremely late for an extremely important appointment
The reason you give is this: “Because I need to call the person I’m meeting.” Well, how about that time that you were late for school? Do you need your phone to open the classroom door?

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You need more storage space
Because how can 16 GB be enough?

You need to check your smartphone every ten minutes even when you didn’t hear a notification
It’s become an obsession.

You need to use your phone to download and watch videos
Your argument is that you can lie on your bed and watch it comfortably. But we all know a bigger screen is always better, so there must be another reason…

You need to be less than an arm’s length from your smartphone at all time
It has been this way since the first time you’ve got your first phone. If it’s not, you’ll feel almost…naked.


You need to read this because you’re afraid you’re one with your smartphone
Well, you should know the answer now.