10 silly and annoying things girlfriends do when they love you deeply


Last Updated on 2017-05-21 , 1:38 pm

We love our girlfriends, really we do, but sometimes, they do the silliest and most annoying things in the name of love.

If you’re in a relationship, you’ll most probably have come across these things before. You want to snap at them, and sometimes you do snap at them, but you’ll feel bad because you know that they do this simply because they love you.

Here are 10 silly and annoying things your girlfriend do to you. And if you haven’t caught on yet, yeah, it’s because they love you.

Pretending to be dumb

Your girlfriend is smart, and you know she’s smart but you don’t know why she’s playing dumb when she’s together with you. She’s just making way for your ego and pride.

Once you get married, that’s when you’ll know her true intelligence, because you no horse run already.

Pretending to share in your interest

Especially when she’s totally bored and you can tell, making you feel bad, but she still insists on doing it. Serious. Because she read articles that says the best girlfriends are those who shares in the interest of their boyfriends, and she’s so totally going to be the best girlfriend ever for you.


Speaking in high pitch (sa jiao)

It’s irritating and you told her it’s irritating, but from time to time, she speaks to you in that way. If you still don’t appreciate, yeah it’s because she thinks you’ll find it cute and put on that pitch for you. It’s hard for her to pretend to be a bimbo as well, you know?

She says she’s fat

Yeah, she might have the greatest body among your girlfriends, but she still says she’s fat despite your assurances. She wants to know if she’s attractive to you. Be careful of how you answer because she’ll take whatever you say to heart and might just do something drastic.

Saying bye and refusing to hang up

Similar to the one above, she’s testing to see if you’re bothered by having to call her every night. If you hang up quickly, she’ll start wondering if you don’t want to talk to her every night. Crazy, right? But that’s your girlfriend for you.

Always testing you

She knows you love her, and you know you love her, but it’s still annoying that she just couldn’t stop testing you to see if it’s genuine. Don’t be offended, she’s saying you’re too good to be true. Now you’re less annoyed, aren’t you?


Always nagging at you

Like people say, 打是疼,骂是爱. The only reason why she’s willing to spoil the happy relationship and risk losing you is because she cares for you and wants only the best for you. After all, if she doesn’t give two damn about your well-being, she’s not going to spare any of her attention on you, right?

Trying to explain themselves even though it’s not needed

She’s just afraid of losing you, no need to be suspicious that there’s something else going on behind the scenes. She would rather bear her soul than have a misunderstanding between you and her.

Asking silly, inane questions

She values your input and don’t want you to be bored with her, so she’ll try to engage you in conversation whenever the both of you are together. News flash, she wants you to enjoy your time with her.

Throwing tantrums over little things

This is silly and more than a little annoying, but that’s because she knows she’s willing to go to further lengths for you and don’t see why you couldn’t do the same for her.

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