10 small things girlfriends do for guys that guys like but are too macho to say so


Last Updated on 2017-07-18 , 8:42 pm

We girls are more than happy to let our guys know what we like and don’t like expressively, but when it comes to macho guys, it’s a whole new story.

It’s completely silly of them to think that expressing “lady feelings” is not macho (and trust me, even if they don’t say that, some of them might just feel that way), and most girlfriends out there might find themselves just a tad bit confused when it comes to knowing whether their boyfriends appreciate what they’re doing for them or not.

Well, if you, like most girlfriends out there, find yourself confused whether he likes what you’re doing, let us attempt to alleviate some of your confusion by presenting you with these 10 small things that your guys definitely appreciate, even if they don’t say so (or are too embarrassed to bask in your attention outwardly).

With that, you’re welcome, ladies!

Supporting your boyfriend such as by being there when they’re playing a gig, having a performance or just cheering them on in everything that they do really goes a long way in showing them that you care about them.

Foot the bill
Once in a while, it’s nice if you are the one who pays for the meal. Your boyfriend and his wallet will be gratefully appreciative of it. Not that it’s always the girl who pays, but well…you get the idea.


Small gifts
They love it after a long day of work or school and you give them perhaps their all-time fave chocolate or candy. It shows them that you were thinking about them and makes them feel good. These small things make their day but they may not always show how appreciative they are of it. Man, after all.

Appreciate him
Guys are beings who need to show that they are being appreciated. By saying a small “I appreciate you for setting aside time for me” or “I appreciate you for letting me eat the last bit of chicken’ will make them feel good because it shows that you are thankful for the little things they do.

Take the lead
Be the one to kiss him first. They may not say it often but guys like it when girls are the ones who initiate, it will make them go crazyyy for you.

Domestic goddess
Guys love girls who can cook. Even if it’s just frying some chicken or whipping up an omelette, they adore girls who can fill up their stomach!


Eye Contact
Confidence is what makes girls attractive and that’s what guys are looking for. Maintaining eye contact with your partner especially for long periods of time just shows how intimate you both are with each other.

And I mean, really listen. Guys don’t always need to hear your advice. Just be there for them and listen to what they have to say.

It’s a good form of support that boyfriends need especially when they’re feeling down on themselves. And they don’t need to hear your advice or nagging to drag their ego down further. Just be there for them and lend them your shoulder to lean on (or maybe even cry on?)

Random sweet texts
It shows them that you’re thinking of them and who knows it may even brighten up their day or maybe add a little spice to it.

Hugs and Kisses
This goes without saying, right? Being affectionate shows guys your physical appreciation and they’re way too macho to admit how much they love it especially when you kiss them goodbye in front of their friends. And it gives them bragging rights too.

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