10 strange things girls do that guys just love for no damn reason


Last Updated on 2017-05-21 , 1:11 pm

Love is all about embracing the weirdness of each other. Here are some funny ways girls act but guys love all the more.

Sleeping in a cute funny way
Letting out soft sounds of snores. Or sleep-talking. And even drooling a little. A girl may not look her prettiest when she’s asleep but she’s definitely at her most unprotected, lovable state every man wants to stare at.

Insisting that she’s right
I don’t know. When girls are so obviously wrong in their arguments and they know they are wrong but just refuse to admit it. Like she’s totally out of logic but just so cute you want to agree with her in the end. If she thinks the earth is square, then so be it.

Putting on that angry face
You know that face mixed with anger and sadness with a bit of disappointment? It shows on her face how much she cares and the way she’s defying is even a little sexy.

Being scared of something
Squealing because she saw the dust as some kind of bug. Or jumping behind you when she sees a cat even though she’s not afraid of tigers. These cute little girly actions make guys realise that she’s actually afraid of something too. That he can actually protect her too.

Taking too much time to get ready
No matter how many times a guy complains about this, he still loves it. Or at least, he loves how she looks after spending all those time dressing up.


The weird way she eats or drinks
Maybe she loves to chew on straws. Or she must eat the mains before the sides. Maybe she only eats the sides of a toast. These habits are what makes her special in her own way and he definitely loves these weird little instances.

The crazy way she acts when she’s with you
Getting all drunk and speaking nonsense. Or making you do silly things with her. It’s only because she’s with you, she does it. That’s why, as a guy, you love such actions so much.

Hugging you so tight you can’t even breathe
She’s always looking for that big cuddle which goes on for hours. Whether you’re lying on the sofa watching shows together or she’s just looking for some comfort, the way she hangs on to you like a koala bear makes her feel safe and makes you feel warm.

Her being shy for nothing
Yeah, you know those moments you just tease her or praise her and she blushes? Those are exactly the moments you find your heart thumping hard and you’re falling for her all over again.

Her taking the initiative
Instead of you taking the lead all the time, you find it fresh and interesting that she’s the one who planned the date this time. How she plans a surprise for you for a change. Things that make you look at her with different eyes.

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