10 struggles overly nice men face that only they will understand

Do you have a friend whom you think is too nice? Or maybe you’re one such person yourself. People like nice guys, right? They’re friendly, keep the conversation going and they’re never nasty to you. Sounds like a dream guy, doesn’t it? Well, sometimes, being nice isn’t all that cracked up as it’s said to be.

Here are 10 struggles overly nice men face that only they, themselves, will understand. So, if you have a friend who’s super nice, it’s time to show your appreciation to them because they deserve it.

People think that you’re fake
Well, you’re genuinely trying to be nice to people, but some just express discomfort whenever they have to interact with you. Why? Because you come across as too nice, and that means you’re faking it. In the world today, nice isn’t a complimentary word. It’s another word for “fake”.

You’re trying to get into her pants
No, being nice has nothing to do with getting into her pants. It’s just in your nature to do it. You’re nice to her, to him, to them, to the stray dog always loitering around the estate, well you get the idea. But some just went with the idea that you’re interested in them and things get all awkward. Either that or they reciprocate your feelings, only to know you treat everyone the same way. Then you went from “dream guy” to “playboy”.

You have to stay in character
Yeah, don’t be surprised, people get so used to you being nice that they totally forget it’s not an entitlement, but a privilege for you to be nice to them. When you stop being nice, they’ll get shocked, defensive and maybe even angry. It happens.

Your focus is on making other people happy, not yourself
You want to eat western, but because she wants to eat Tze Char, you’ll find yourself eating chilli crab and sambal kang kong for dinner. Yup, it’s never about you, it’s about other people.

People don’t see you as a guy
Because you seem to constantly be changing your opinion and decision, you come across as someone indecisive and easily influenced. Not something a girl would be looking for in a partner.

You always get friend-zoned
And because of #5, you’ll find that overly nice guys are almost always friend-zoned. #TrueStory

You almost never say “no”
You’ll always want to say “yes” to other people no matter how ridiculous the request is because you want to be nice so most of the time, even if you don’t want to, you’ll find yourself saying yes to them.

And when you say “no”, you feel guilty
After deliberating for a long while on whether you should say yes or no, you finally refuse them. You thought that you’ll be given a reprieve, only to find yourself feeling guilty and wondering if you should’ve just said yes.

You never get to sit in public transport
Because you’re just too nice to remain seated when that poor lady seemed like she needs it more than you, or that man looks like he’s practically asleep on his feet. Whatever the situation and reason, you’ll always find a way to give up your seat.

You keep getting hurt
Be it in friendship, relationships or even in any interaction, you just keep getting hurt. There’s a saying that rings extremely true: The nice guy always finishes last.

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