10 subtly graceful ways to insult your boss without being fired


Last Updated on 2017-07-24 , 11:01 am

Saying that you’ve never once cursed your boss means that you’re a bad liar—anyone who has worked before would have done that before, be it openly or silently. We all want to insult our bosses, but is there a subtle way to do so?

Of course there is.

In fact, there’re so many ways, you’ll just have to choose one, or do all. Just a disclaimer—while they won’t get you fired, you might be “marked”. So don’t come looking for us if you suddenly have lots of work to do!

Correct his minor mistakes
Whether it’s a small typo or a slip of the mouth, you just need to cut in and correct him. He can’t do anything because technically, he’s in the wrong—unless, that is, you try too hard and backfire.

Come earlier than him and leave later than him
It just shows someone else, be it his boss or other staff members, that you’re much more hardworking. You know, you don’t need to be working during those periods when he’s not around—there’s Facebook, there’s Goody Feed…

Say “no offence” before saying what you want to say
The “no offence” is like an immunity bestowed to you, because it just tells everyone that you’re not being personal (even if you are). For example, this: “No offence, boss, but I think your idea isn’t good.”


Say “with all due respect” before saying what you want to say
Similar to the previous point, it just makes you more atas.

Be sarcastic in your tone
Think your boss is stupid? Go ahead and say, “You’re so smart!” But make sure your tone is so sarcastic that he’s the only one who believes that you’re sincere, since his judgement is clouded by your sweet words.

Social media him without putting names
You know how to do it, right? Just make sure names, company names and whatever that is obvious are not in the record. Then Stomp him, and if he finds out it’s you…

Deny everything
So, you might or might not have insulted him—be it in an email or in a phone conversation with your client. Deny, deny and deny. As long as it’s not in front of him, you’re safe.

Get customers or clients to insult him
Customers are king, so they’re essentially your boss’s boss. And since you would most likely be closer to your customers, use them to your advantage.

Backstab, side stab and stab everywhere except in front of him
Because as long as the insults don’t travel from your mouth to his ears, you’re safe.

Success is the best revenge
Be better than him. That’s the best insult you can give.


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