10 super-useful tips you MUST know for Black Friday & Cyber Monday BIG Sales

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The two biggest sales of the year is approaching and it’s time for us to prepare our funds. Gotta get ’em money! If you’re trying to find a way to strategise for the upcoming sales, then let us enlighten you on some of the best practices!

Here are 10 tips you need to know!

1. Look beyond local. Explore international brands

Image: shopback.sg

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are both American prerequisites. You don’t need really need to know why it is called ‘Back Friday’ and ‘Cyber Monday’, although, there is actually a reason why. Singapore online stores simply rode the wave since the volume of transactions are extremely high. So, sure, you can shop at local or asian online stores where the discounts are still sky high. However, know that US stores, where Black Friday and Cyber Monday originated from, have more reasons to offer great deals!

2. The difference between the two days is small and insignificantqueue

Image credits: Neil Rickards

The battlefield for Black Friday takes place in physical stores at first and then the online stores included themselves into the sales. However, Cyber Monday, as the name suggests, was inaugurated when online stores felt the need to prolong and curate a day solely for online shopping. Thus, naturally, Cyber Monday is fought online.

You may have read strategies, tips or hacks that advise you on when you should be shopping if you’re buying certain items. Here’s a tip from a website that partners with online retailers and contributes both days (that website is us, ShopBack, by the way) — forget all the strategies you’ve read. If you’re in Singapore, the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping game is at a whole new playing field.

Instead, use these strategies that we’re telling you in this article. Good deals and offers are completely up to online stores and they do not adhere to limitations set by the day’s social standards. If they believe a certain item might sell better on certain days, they’ll do just that! Thus, it’s really unpredictable and one can’t say for sure what items would go cheap on either days.

3. Timed sales/Flash sales

Always look out for timed sales or flash sales. These sales are concentrated into a single time frame. In that duration, certain featured items will usually be displayed prominently at the front page of the website. The great thing about these sales is that the discounts are unpredictable, but usually positively high.

And how would you go about knowing when there are timed sales? Good question. This brings us to the next point.

4. Follow social media

Image: shopback.sg

Follow all your favourite brand’s social media! For many internet companies, social media is our best way to communicate with our customers and fans. With its real-time updates, you’ll be able to make informed choices easier and faster.

Information regarding flash sales are always available on social media.

5. Register for newsletters

You know those emails that you get from some stores? They are called newsletters. Electronic newsletters. What’s great about them is all the updates you need regarding good deals are all in one. Since companies can’t send you an email more than once every few days (in fear of spamming), all their great deals and plans for the week needs to be nicely packaged into a single email. That’s when you benefit.

And you don’t even realise what you’ve been missing since you’re always deleting them.

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6. Save.

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Image: shopback.sg

Here’s one obvious tip: Make sure you save as much money as you can. Every dollar you leave in your bank account helps you with shopping. Shipping cost a bomb, especially when your items are huge or you’re in need of express shipping.

Every dollar you save enables you to pay for shipping.

7. Allocate funds for 2 days

person-apple-laptop-notebook (1)
Image: shopback.sg

Put a limit on your spending for Black Friday. It’s better to be able to go wild on your shopping for Cyber Monday than spending all your money for Black Friday and watch helplessly as all the sales go by, unable to purchase them.

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8. Find friends to shop with. SPREES!

Image: shopback.sg

One of the best way to really save on your spending without compromising the number of items you’re getting is to gather your friends. With more people to pitch in with the shipping, the less you’ll need to pay!


Alternatively, some stores offer free shipping if you purchase above a stated price – which means, more reason to grab a friend to shop with!

9. Earn cashback for your purchases

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Image: shopback.sg

Do you know that cashback (some may recognise it as rebate) isn’t just an incentive model exclusive to credit cards? You’ll be able to find that online too. ShopBack (that’s us!) pays you when you shop! We offer attractive cashback to those that shop online through our portals!

Never heard of ShopBack?

ShopBack is an e-commerce site that offers up to 30% cashback from about 500 of your favourite merchants! Click here to sign up now.


10. Mastercard is your bestfriend

Image: shopback.sg

Ok so this is for ShopBack, of course. If you’re an owner of a Mastercard, you’re in soooo much luck! From now till 31st January 2016, ShopBack offers double cashback for selected stores! Simply click this link and to know more!