10 sweet things only a boyfriend who truly love his girlfriend will do for her

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Ladies, if you are in a relationship, does your boyfriend do these sweet things for you?

If they do, don’t take it for granted because these are things that only a guy who truly love you will do for you.

Of course, we’ll have to say that not all guys are the same, and if your partner doesn’t do them for you, it could be that he expresses his love for you in other ways!

But still, these are just so sweet…aren’t they?

Calling you out of the blue in the middle of your day
There’s text messaging and there’s WhatsApp; is a phone call really needed? The reason behind him calling you isn’t because he has something to say to you; instead, he just wants to hear your voice. The things he wants to say to you? That’s just an excuse.

He comes all the way to your workplace just to send you home
Both of you stay in the west and you work in the CBD. Instead of meeting you near your house, he traveled all the way to town and wait for you to get off work. It’s not because he has too much money to burn on transport. He just wants to spend more time with you.

He cares about what you really want
It’s not just about him, it’s about him and you. It doesn’t matter what he wants, really. The only thing that really matter is what you want.

He tries to connect you with his family
When you’re in a relationship, it’s about you and him. When he starts trying to connect you to his family, it’s not about BGR anymore. It’s about spending the rest of his life with you.

He’s the perfect boyfriend
He knows what you need, and he knows what you want. It’s not because he’s perfect, but because he treasures you and pays 110% of his attention to you every time he’s with you. There’s nothing like knowing he really loves you when he’s able to complete at least 70% of any sentences you want to say. #TrueStory

He truly tries to change himself for your sake
It’s not just about saying that he’ll change, but his actions instead. He’s had this bad habit for these 10 years, but ever since he got into a relationship with you, you can see that he has been seriously trying to change himself. Giving up his identity for you could just be the sweetest thing a guy can do for his woman.

He tries to make you happy
It tears at him to see you unhappy, and he’ll go through anything just to bring that beautiful smile back to your face again.

He’ll be a teeny weeny bit jealous
He might be secure, but he’ll be jealous, no matter how much he denies it. Because he really loves you, he’s afraid to lose you and no matter how much he trusts you, there’ll always be a small minute part of his brain wondering if this handsome new friend of yours would take you away from him.

He’s always there whenever you need him
You’ll be wondering if both of you are telepathic, but not really. He’s constantly thinking about you and stalking you, but he’ll stay away when he knows he’s not needed because he heard all the horror stories about couples breaking up because the girl thinks she has no space.

He doesn’t say “I love you” all the time
And this could perhaps be the clincher. He doesn’t say “I love you” more than any other people. Instead, he shows that he love you through his every action without asking for anything in return. After all, we all know that talk is cheap, it’s the actions that really, truly count for something.

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